New Details About The Twin Sisters With Extreme OCD Who Died In An Apparent Suicide Pact

Photo: GoFundMe
Sarah Amanda Eldritch

Sara and Amanda Eldritch were found dead in their car.

A pair of Colorado twins were found dead in their car on Friday from an apparent suicide pact, according to police. 

Sara and Amanda Eldritch, both 33, gained some notoriety for their debilitating battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In May of 2017, the twins were featured on the CBS talk show The Doctors where they said they sometimes spend 10 hours a day in the shower and would repeatedly clean their bathroom. 

“When they were toddlers, putting on their shoes and socks was a long, drawn-out process because there couldn’t be any wrinkles in their socks and their shoes just had to be tied in a certain way,” the twins’ mother, Kathy, said during the show. 

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During the show, Sara said that they both considered ending their lives in their late 20s because of their OCD. But in 2015, they became the first people in the state's history to undergo deep brain stimulation. 

The surgery, which is typically used for patients with Parkinson's disease, involves implanting electrodes in the brain to regulate abnormal impulses. 

About a year after the surgery, the twins were interviewed by the hospital they had the procedure done at, Littleton Adventist Hospital. They reported that it had put their OCD in check and that they had a new lease on life. 

“I’m really excited to not feel like I’m at war with my own existence,” Amanda had said. 

Sadly on Friday, they were both found dead inside their car near Royal Gorge Bridge Park. Both died from gunshot wounds. 

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It's not yet clear if the twin's OCD played any role in their decision to kill themselves. According to a GoFundMe page started to raise money for their mother, the women succumbed to their disease. 

"Sara and Amanda were amazing young women with big smiles and even bigger hearts," the page reads. "Unfortunately, they suffered their entire lives with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and in January of 2015 had groundbreaking DBS (deep brain stimulation) surgery. Their progress after the surgery surpassed all expectations and they packed an entire lifetime into the last three years."

"But, there is no cure for mental illness, and they finally succumbed to this insidious disease."


"Sara and Amanda were creative, artistic, intelligent, compassionate, kind and generous. They loved animals, especially their three little dogs Cloudy, Bear, and Daisy. Sara and Amanda had an impact on everyone they met and touched more people than they could have ever realized."

"While they will be missed so very much, Sara and Amanda will live on in the hearts and memories of everyone they left behind."

At the time of this article, over $15,000 has been raised. The initial goal was only $5,000. 

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