7 Of The Cutest, Simplest Spring Dates To Plan For Your Boo

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Spring Date Ideas

Love (and the sun) is officially in the air.

It's been a long, dark winter, but spring is finally here. 

Though the colder months bring us together by the romance of snuggles and hot cocoa, after awhile, it can get a little old. If you and your boyfriend find yourselves binging on The Office more often then going out to a nice dinner, fear not. Because you're not alone. 

While cuffing season may have brought the two of you together, the end of it may as well tear you apart. British journalist and graphic designer David McCandless discovered that March is the most likely month for couples to break up, or at least announce their breakup on Facebook. 

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Though researchers link it to Valentine's Day disappointments and wild future spring break plans, I for one believe that winter sometimes just gets the best of people. 

If you find that you're more annoyed with your boo (and just life in general) then usual, step back and make time to have some good ole fashion, good-weather fun. 

So uncover yourself from the dozens of blankets you've been hiding under and shave the hairs off your legs that were keeping you warm. It's time to partake in some fun spring dates:  

1. Get out of town. 

Winter doesn't make for a whole lot of vacationing. Unless you're one of those really smart people who plan to go on cruises for Christmas (maybe next year). A change of scenery can do wonderful things for your soul and your relationships.

Pick a cool town that's only a few hours drive away that neither of you has been too and spend a weekend exploring. 

2. Find a good patio. 

Dates don't have to be all that extra and creative. You've both been cooped up inside for far too long. So find yourselves some cool restaurants with a lot of outdoor seating (because chances are you aren't only ones who thought of this idea) and make a toast to warmer, more date-friendly weather conditions. 

Bonus points if you find one with personal fire pits. 

3. Or be extra and go have a picnic. 

Honestly going to a place with a server, unlimited alcohol and clean restrooms screams romance for me, but if you want to really take in all the springtime wonderfulness then have yourself a little picnic. 

And after your finished eating, continue to take advantage of the sun by going on a long walk through the park. Extra "extra" points if you fly a kite. 

4. Ice cream. 

Relish in the fact that it's actually warm enough to enjoy this cold treat. Going out strictly for any kind of desert is any easy way to bring some spontaneous, easy and tasty fun back into your daily routine. 

And if you're boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't like ice cream, dump them. Dump them now. 

5. Do something active. 

I know it's been, like, months since you've gotten off your couch (trust me I know too well), but getting your sweat on is a necessary task to escape the winter funk. 

Whether it's a leisurely run or trying out a new hobby together like rock climbing or rollerskating, the endorphins you'll get from moving your body will pay off, big time. 

6. See some live music. 

Whether it's buying tickets to his favorite country artist or just attending open mic night at your local bar, being in that kind of fun, creative environment will put you in a way better mood than a Netflix marathon ever will. 

Comedians, karaoke and other kind of performers also count. Anything except for magicians, really. 

7. And just do whatever you can to be outside. 

The sun is shining and the birds are singing, but you wouldn't know any of that if you're cooped up in your apartment. So even if it's as simple as going for a walk around the block, make a point to take advantage of spring. You'll have plenty of time to huddle under blankets and not shave your legs next winter. 

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