How Saturn In Retrograde Will Significantly Affect Your Love Life For The Next Few Months

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Saturn in retrograde
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We can’t rush forever.

On April 17th, we will experience Saturn in retrograde in Capricorn shifting into this retrograde motion until September. While we usually associate retrogrades with sending our zodiac signs and horoscopes for a loop, this retrograde will be much different. And you can thank astrology for that.

Saturn is known as the lord of time and karma; the embodiment of what goes around, comes around, and of knowing that there is a divine time to everything that we desire to manifest in our lives.

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Saturn moved back into his home sign at the end of last year. This means that although this planet can sometimes be seen as a more difficult energy, having him in his home sign is where he is most comfortable, so he is on his best behavior. This Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is all about building and growing, but doing so in a pragmatic and detailed way.

We often don’t always thinking of love as being a step by step process, but often times when we end up in shaky territory in a relationship, it’s because we didn’t take the time to properly build the foundation together. But it’s not all bad news.

Around the middle of the month, we will see the first new moon of the astrological New Year and Mercury turning direct, which will mean that it’s a greenlight for relationships. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be full speed ahead.

As a whole, it seems that we’ve forgotten that forever isn’t a race to the finish line, that marriage isn’t a guarantee, and that ultimately, we have to make the choice to be in it for the long haul in order to see what a lasting relationship truly feels like.

During the time of Saturn in retrograde, we will be seeing several romantic aspects with Venus, Mars and Neptune further pointing to relationships being formed or a new level of commitment being initiated. Saturn is coming in — not to destroy our plans or to give us payback for bad karma, but to encourage us to take our time in this new aspect of love.

There is nothing wrong with taking our time, even when we know what we want. We can enjoy the journey and process of love, of learning about one another, and building a relationship with someone that we love. One of the biggest lessons that Saturn can teach us is where we self-sabotage or limit ourselves based on what we think we deserve or are worthy of.

We truly are our own worst enemies when it comes to being hard on ourselves, and while Saturn always evens the playing field, what we sometimes forget is that we carry karma over from other lifetimes, and that sometimes when we act in ways that are less than our best possible selves, it’s not about us but about evening the karma for someone else unconsciously.

We are all connected. Our journeys are all connected and because of that we have to stop punishing ourselves for something that we feel we did wrong.

While we can take responsibility for our actions through apologizing and change of behavior, we ultimately can’t decide if we are worthy or deserving of goodness or not because our vision is skewed by guilt. Saturn wants us to leave the karma to him and drop any self-limiting thoughts or beliefs, and instead internalize the mantra that we deserve nothing but the best in all aspects of our lives.

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Not because we are deluded but because what we tend to believe will manifest in our lives in one way or another. But if we’re only after punishing ourselves, we will never truly be open to whatever type of love or relationship is trying to grow.

We can’t go into a new relationship still harboring guilt from a previous one, because we will unconsciously manifest our deepest feelings or fears and end up sabotaging our chance at happiness. Instead, we have to be willing to do the work, forgive ourselves for not knowing better, and for not always acting as our highest selves, or in accordance with our soul’s truth.

No one is perfect, but love is. Love is worth believing anything is possible, which also includes us deserving to be happy. At one point we just have to forgive ourselves and move on. During this Saturn retrograde, we will likely be doing a lot of this self-work within a relationship, not because we’re escaping ourselves but because the only way to work through the majority of our intimacy issues is through a relationship with someone.

However, this retrograde isn’t just about finding someone to hold our hand while we stroll down the avenue of self-worth; it’s about choosing to build a relationship with someone that encourages naked and radical emotional vulnerability. A partner who is choosing to use a romantic relationship as a vehicle for self-growth and awareness.

During this retrograde period, we can expect relationships to move slower, but that doesn’t mean it will be in a negative or painful way.

It just means that we will be taking our time building the foundation of love with our partner and giving ourselves time to process and heal our emotional wounds so we can free our own selves from karma.

Saturn in Capricorn is supportive, not restrictive; he wants to help us, to encourage us to truly move beyond the storylines that we’ve subscribed to for the majority of our lives. During this time, we will also be seeing Chiron, the asteroid that rules family conditioning and wounding, change signs, which we will feel as a giant release that Saturn will help us process.

There is no way for us to actually move into the type of relationship that we desire as long as we keep telling ourselves that we don’t deserve it. Sometimes it’s just about taking our time, knowing that we can’t rush the kind of love we hope will last forever. Because anything worth having is certainly worth taking the time to build — together. 

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