15 Delicious Food And Drink Recipes You Can Make With All Those Leftover Peeps

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15 Peeps Food And Drink Recipes And Ideas

For all the Peeps out there who want to mix it up this Easter!

Easter is coming up this Sunday, April 1, so it's time to plan some amazing recipes. There are tons of fun things to make on Easter, but what would the holiday be without one of the most fun Easter foods of them all: Peeps! 

If we're being honest, Peeps are one of the first foods that come to mind when we think about Easter. Sure, these pillowy treats are plenty delicious on their own and biting into one will always bring back some great memories of being a kid at Easter, but why not switch it up and incorporate your favorite Easter dessert into some real recipes? As it turns out, Peeps can make for some pretty tasty and unique dishes to serve that Easter guests of all ages can enjoy. 

So to inspire all the Easter Peeps out there looking for some exciting new food and drink recipes, here are some of the yummiest Peeps recipes to make with your favorite marshmallow treat.

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1. Peeps Skillet S'mores

Ok, aside from being one of the prettiest recipes you'll ever see, this one is definitely going to be a crowd-pleaser for everyone. Because, is there really anyone who doesn't like s'mores? And with Peeps substituted for regular marshmallows, this dessert is the one we all deserve this Easter. It's also pretty simple to make and only requires the usual few ingredients you need to make s'mores. 

2. Peeps Stuffed French Toast

Not sure what to make for Easter brunch this year? Well, why not include some Peeps in your holiday breakfast? French toast is always a good idea, but French toast stuffed with the best Easter treat ever made is going to take your brunch game to the next level.

3. Peeps Brownie Pops

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Kids (and let's face it — adults) will love these adorable spring goodies. The recipe is easy and kids will have fun decorating the pops. They'll also look super cute on your Easter food table.

4. Peeps Infused Vodka

Celebrate a successful Easter season with these pretty beverages. These striking drinks prove that you can still enjoy your Peeps as an adult. Cheers!

5. Peeps Garden Cake

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This is officially the cutest cake ever. It will also be really fun to put together and look amazing at your Easter get-together. So basically, it checks all the boxes.

6. Peeps Sushi

Don't worry — this isn't actual sushi. It just mimics the look of it, but with Peeps. You can make one type of sushi or a couple different types, so it looks like a sushi platter. Making the Peepshi takes some time, but the end result will be totally worth it.

7. Peeps Pudding Cups

These pudding cups are absolutely adorable and will look perfect for the colorful spring holiday. Bonus: you only need a few ingredients to make these cute, festive treats.

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8. Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Photo: Made To Be A Momma

What's better than a Rice Krispie Treat? A Rice Krispie Treat with a peep on it, of course! This recipe looks right at home at any Easter celebration and it only requires three ingredients!

9. Peeps Easter Snack Mix

If you're hungry in between Easter brunch and dinner, mix up your usual snack and throw some Peeps into your snack mix. It's simple, quick, and will satisfy your sweet and salty cravings. Add in all the snack mix ingredients like trail mix, pretzels, but give it a real Easter twist with jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and of course — Peeps!

10. Toasted Marshmallow Peeps Milkshake

Photo: Shared Appetite

Spring is in the air, which means a refreshing, cool drink is necessary. These fun milkshakes will quench your thirst and be a yummy treat for guests of all ages this Easter. And who could resist that adorable Peeps garnish?

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow Peeps Fudge

If you have some leftover Peeps, this is a perfect (and delicious!) way to use them up. It only calls for four ingredients and takes only a couple minutes to prepare. But, you will have to wait a few hours for the fudge to set in the refrigerator before enjoying your sweets. 

12. Peeps Hot Chocolate

Adults may still want to stick with their morning coffee, but little ones will go crazy for these. Spruce up your little ones hot cocoa this holiday by adding Peeps as garnish instead of normal marshmallows. Yum. 

13. Cinnamon Roll Fried Peeps

Photo: Oh Bite It

If you really want to treat yo' self this Easter, try these deep-fried cinnamon roll peeps

14. Peeps Whoopie Pies

It's no secret that whoopie pies are one of the most delicious desserts ever created, but if you really want to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth this Easter, using a Peep as the filling for the whoopie pies is the way to go. Just don't be surprised if these scrumptious goodies will all be gone right after you put them out.

15. Marshmallow Peep Pie

Photo: Hey, Eep

You can never go wrong with a pie, especially for a holiday. This delectable pie is pretty, spring-appropriate, and will definitely have your guests asking for seconds.

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