How The Astrological Venus-Mars Trine Will Affect Your Love Life This Week

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Venus trine Mars / Venus sextile Neptune
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Sometimes the best thing we can do is simply to love.

During the week of April 12th, we will see two Venus transits: Venus trine Mars and Venus sextile Neptune. Both of which will be lighting up our love horoscopes in a really big way, and giving our zodiac signs something to look forward to.

Venus transits are some of the most popular because while many other planets can affect our love lives, this planet just has the special touch for making things happen in a really big (and sensual) way.

The first transit that we have to focus on is Venus in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn. In astrology, a trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees of each other and work together to bring out the best in one another.

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During this aspect, we have the planet of love and beauty in earthy and sensual Taurus; this means that not only are we apt to love in a more traditional way, but we also are going to show our affections more physically through touch, massage and sex. Venus in Taurus likes to simply love, take her time, do what feels good, and just enjoy the process of what it means to be in a relationship.

This transit is all about love and sex, the balance of our hardness with our softness, and in many ways the complement of our masculine and feminine energies. The energies this week are really going to be bringing out the best of ourselves and our relationships.

But even if you are single, there is a lot of fun to be had because there is something almost seemingly magical about how the way these two planets come together to literally bring out the best of ourselves, and make us feel more confident, charismatic, and attractive.

We’re going to feel good and will want to love good, but we just might be apt to do it a little differently.

The other aspect that is occurring with Venus around this time is a sextile between the planet of love and Neptune, the planet of fantasy. In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are 60 degrees apart and work to bring out the best in one another.

Often times when Neptune comes on the scene, we have to be wary of deception and wear rose-colored glasses. But together with Venus, this is such a positive aspect, so we will be seeing the best of Neptune being brought out.

Together, these three planets will have a big effect on our love and sex lives, but in this case, it’s the sexual connection between those that share a very deep, spiritual love. Venus is all about love, Mars is the planet of our sexual desires, and Neptune wants to make our fantasies come together; combined, this will have us stepping out of our comfort zones and being more erotic within our romantic relationships.

But Neptune is very clear here that it’s not just about sex, but having that deep connection that this planet loves to help create. In this way, we have to truly let ourselves be carried away by these new and unchartered waters in which we’re being challenged to just simply love — not because we have to, or because we should, but simply because it’s what feels good.

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Overall, this Venusian transit is all about doing what feels good! Venus doesn’t have any agenda than for us to deepen our relationship with love through opening ourselves up to our partner and making the choice to become more vulnerable to intimate with them.

Often, it seems that we will express our thoughts and concerns about our primary relationship, but then forget that we own a part in it too. So if we want to be happier and share a deeper meaning, or even just have better sex with our partner, it’s up to us to actually help bring that in.

No relationship is one-sided, and while there isn’t anything about this aspect that is challenging, it doesn’t mean we’re not going to have to also make the choice to show up for our lovers — and specifically, for ourselves.

This transit has the possibility to have us really indulge our romantic senses through some creative and hot dates, and through some erotic and tantalizing sexual encounters. This transit points to the aspect of photographs and videos, and while both can add to our sexual pleasure, because it’s during Mercury retrograde we have to be extra careful that any photos or videos don’t end up in the hands of the wrong person.

We will be feeling freer during the Venus trine Mars and Venus sextile Neptune, and while love is a crucial part of this, what really is highlighted is the enjoyment that two people can experience once they’ve let down all their walls and made the choice to just love. In our current society, it seems that we sometimes underestimate the importance of sex between two people who deeply love one another, and while there is a time and place for a hook-up, this transit is not it.

What Venus, Mars and Neptune all want to do is elevate us through our sexual encounters, so these planets have seemingly joined forces to not only have us feel the love in those relationships that elevate us spiritually, but also to express ourselves and our feelings sexually, thanks to Mars and with a twist due to Neptune’s special flavor.

The only challenge we might have during this alignment is getting out of bed and making it to work on time. Other than that, this is a time when not only will our relationships be aglow in love and passion, but it’s going to be genuine as well.

If single, this transit still speaks to you because it’s going to literally be helping us all look and act our best, which will make it even easier for the dating scene and to meet that someone special. Because sometimes, we just have to remember that the reason why we all love love is that nothing else feels quite like it. 

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