9 Strange New Details About The Turpin Children Rescued From The 'House Of Horrors' — Including The Secret YouTube Videos One Daughter Filmed Before She Escaped

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9 New Details About The House Of Horror Children
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They are slowly recovering from their life of torture.

New information has surfaced about the 13 children who were locked up by their parents in a “House of Horrors” and the deplorable conditions they were forced to live in.

David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested in January for the imprisonment and abuse of their 13 children. The couple kept them shackled and locked up inside their California home.

The victims were malnourished and scared, deputies said.

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The girl who escaped and called the police to report her parents reportedly posted YouTube videos that give us a new look at what their lives were like. 

“Victims in these kinds of cases, they tell their story, but they tell it slowly. They tell it at their own pace,” Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said. “It will come out when it comes out.”

Here are the most recent details about the Turpin children: 

1. One of the children posted a video on YouTube that showed the house’s condition.

An unnamed 17-year-old daughter of the Turpins posted a video on YouTube under an alias that was recently discovered, ABC News reports.

The videos are of the teenager singing songs she wrote and give a glimpse of what living in the “House of “Horrors” was like.

One song, sang and possibly written by the girl, seemed to describe how she felt about her life.

"You blame me for everything, you blame me in every way, you blame me for what they say, what they say," the song goes.

2. The videos show how terrible the condition of the house was.

In one of the videos the girl posted, she is playing with the family’s dog, and in the background, you can see filthy doors and a pile of clothes.

Corona Regional Medical Center CEO Mark Uffer  said the conditions the children were kept in were "not so different than a prisoner of war."

3. The latest video was posted just days before the girl escaped.

The most recent video was uploaded to YouTube seven days before she crawled through a window, escaped and called 911 on a deactivated cell phone.

When law enforcement investigated the claims of the girl, who deputies said looked only 10, the parents couldn’t explain what they found.

“The parents were unable to immediately provide a logical reason why their children were restrained in that manner,” sheriff’s officials said in a news release.

4. The victims were forced to live unbathed in their own waste.

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ABC News reports that the children were only allowed to take a bath once a year. The parents wouldn’t even unchain them to go to the restroom.

They were found shackled to beds in "dark and foul-smelling surroundings," according to NBC Los Angeles.

5. The youngest victim was 2, and the oldest was 29.

Deputies said that all 13 siblings looked like children due to their malnourished conditions, though seven of them were over 18.

Six of the victims were minors, including a toddler.

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6. The children’s growth was stunted.

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According to ABC News, investigators said the victims were abused for so long that their growth was actually stunted.

"It's hard to think of them as adults when you first see them because they're small, and it's very clear that they're [malnourished],” Uffer said of the seven adults found in the home.

7. The victims are slowly recovering and planning their futures.

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Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel told ABC News the children are "starting to make plans for their future.”

"Their minds are just being opened," she said. They are learning what it is like "having a choice and not being so controlled."

"They're starting from very elementary stuff," Spiegel continued, saying they have "progressed very, very well."

8. They are recovering in two separate hospitals.

The adult victims are being treated in a different hospital than the child victims but they remain in contact.

ABC News reports that the siblings have Skyped one another.

The emaciated victims have put on weight and although they "didn't really know what a toothbrush was used for," they have been recovering well, Spiegel said.

The hospitals couldn’t release much information on the Turpin children but Uffer said things are looking up for them, NBC reports.

"I can tell you they're very friendly, they're very cooperative, and I believe that they're hopeful that life will get better for them," Uffer said in a press conference.

9. The parents pleaded not guilty.

David and Louise Turpin appeared in court Feb. 23 and neither said a word.

They were charged with 12 counts of torture, 12 counts of false imprisonment, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, and six counts of child abuse. David was also charged with one count of a lewd act on a child under the age of 14 by force, fear or duress.

Three new charges of abuse were added to the list along with a new charge of felony assault was filed against David alone.

David and Louise pleaded not guilty to all charges. They are held on a $12 million bail and could face life in prison if convicted.

The Turpins are scheduled to appear in court again March 23.

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