Creepy New Details About The Two Women Who Murdered An Autistic Teen To Fulfill A Bucket List Item Of Being Serial Killers

Photo: WA Police
Aaron Pajich

They were just sentenced to life in prison.

Two Australian women with the lifelong goal of being serial killers were recently sent to life in prison for the murder of a teenager. 

Jemma Lilley, 26, and Trudi Lenon, 44, were found guilty of plotting and killing Aaron Pajich, 19, back in June 2016. 

According to court records, Lilley was fascinated with murder and serial killers such as A Nightmare on Elm Street's character Freddy Krueger. When she married Lenon in 2016, she shared her fantasies. 

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In a 200-page journal police found, Lilley detailed how she planned to kill before she turned 25. Murder was on her bucket list. 

“It was all about torture and very violent and no empathy for the victims,” said Lilley’s former stepmother, Nina Lilley. “She always had an obsession with serial killers as a teenager but said it was a way of venting her frustration.”

Weeks after their marriage, Lilley and Lenon began detailing their plan to go on a killing spree. They chose Pajich as their first victim, and lured him over under the false promises of trading video games. 

But when he got there, Lilley jumped him and tried to strangle him with a wire. When it snapped, Lenon penned him down and stabbed him twice in the neck and once in the chest.

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“I am seeing things I haven’t seen before. I’m feeling things I haven’t felt before,” Lilley wrote after the murder. “It’s incredibly empowering. Thank you.”

While investigating the murder, police found texts between Lenon and Pajich, which led them to the couple's home. They found a bone saw, knives, a machete and other evidence.

They tried to clean up the blood by cutting a square out of their carpet and burying it in the backyard. 

When they were first arrested, they turned on each other. Until the prosecution was able to produce evidence that proved they both participated in the murder. 

“I hope you regret what you’ve done,” Pajich’s stepmother, Veronica Desmond said to the women after their sentencing. “I hope you rot.”

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