How The Complicated Full Moon In Virgo Will Seriously Affect Your Love Life This Month

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full moon in Virgo
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The theme for this moon is clear.

On March 1st or 2nd, depending upon location, there will be a full moon in Virgo, effectively changing what your horoscope says about your life. Currently, we have the majority of our sky swimming through watery and romantic Pisces, so this earth energy will be much needed for moving forward and beginning a new month.

In astrology, Virgo is all about practicality and logic, which can seem as if it is in contrast to Pisces; however, these two zodiac signs are compatible because of the way their differences complement one another in a productive and beneficial way.

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While this moon is in Virgo, it actually touches upon one of the stars in the constellation Leo, which means that we will always have a bit of passionate fire with this moon as well.

To have water, fire, and earth all colliding with one moon means that we’re going to be dealing with a lot. Potentially, this could be a really difficult moon, but how it plays out will depend on how we handle the situation.

This full moon can bring up issues of honesty, trust, loyalty and unhappiness, but these qualities can exist at any given time for any of us; it just depends on how we handle them.

In relationships, sometimes we shrug away from the difficult conversations because we are unsure how to be honest and still hold onto the magic of love. But in doing so, we also lose an aspect of realness which is crucial for moving forward in the connection with our lover. This moon will be challenging all of us to really look at own our stuff — our wounds, our pasts, our mistakes, and of course, our hopes.

We can’t really move forward in love until we can make peace with where we’ve been. And March likes to change things up, to hit the "on" switch and start something new, but not before we clear up and release our pasts.

While we might be called to clear up and establish boundaries with ex-lovers, it’s also a time when we are going to be called to look at how far we’ve come in terms of our patterns of behavior and levels of self-awareness.

It seems that so often we just like to focus on the feel good aspects of relationships while forgetting that a relationship is just as strong for its ability to overcome the difficult moments as it is for the times spent in laughter and in love. For many of us, we’ve been becoming increasingly more aware in our relationships, not just in regards to what we want but also what we are working through, like our triggers and past wounds.

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This means that relationships are not just about where to go on a Friday night, but sitting down and owning our mistakes is a way to help us begin to make different choices. For many of us, it comes down to getting sick of ourselves, so we become motivated to make changes. But none of us are truly alone in this world and we need relationships with other people to help work through those patterns of behavior.

Our March full moon is going to be giving us two choices: to keep doing things the same way and see arguments ensue out of irrational behavior, or to take responsibility for why we are feeling a particular way and talk it out with our lover instead of blaming them for how we feel.

If we can make the hard choices and truly do the work that this moon is asking of us, we will reap the benefits of those choices, growing closer with our partner and having an increased level of sexual stamina and attraction. But if not, we will have to hash it out the hard way through fights and arguments until we get to the root of the problem.

This isn’t to say that one way is more preferable than the other; rather, we are all at different stages in our development, and for some of us we are at the point where the only thing to do is literally start making different choices, versus still having to learn the importance of self-awareness.

A full moon highlights areas of polarity in our lives because of the aspect of the Sun and Moon, so it’s no different what we will be feeling. It’s going to be a pull between what we want and what we need, what we feel ready for and what we are comfortable with, and staying in one place and moving forward.

But these energies aren’t here to trick us or hold us up from growth; instead, they are here to help us consider multiple factors before we actually make a decision.

In truth, while we are not defined by our pasts, they will become a part of our framework. It’s not that we need to carry around the heavy burden of mistakes or regrets; rather, it's about forgiving ourselves and letting these events silently become part of our history — not so we’ll be reminded of the pain, but so we don’t make the same mistake again.

During the first two weeks of March, we are asked to utilize this Pisces energy and truly reflect on where we’ve been and why we have made the choices we have. It’s about being honest with ourselves, moving beyond our mistakes, and knowing that nothing that is meant for us can truly ever be ruined.

We all have to clear the deck sometimes, wash clean a new slate, not forgetting or erasing everything, but so we have the room for that new beginning. It’s about clearing and releasing all that we’ve been through so we can start living a life that we’re proud of — one that truly feels good all the way down to our souls.

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