How The Truly Inspiring Sun-Saturn Sextile On February 25th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Sun sextiles Saturn
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If we’re not focused on what we want, we run the risk of getting what we don’t.

On February 25th, the Sun sextiles Saturn in Capricorn, helping all of us take greater focus on building the life and love that we truly want. Your zodiac sign might find some surprises when it comes to your love horoscope, but the Sun-Saturn sextile isn't a transit to miss.

In astrology, a sextile is just a fancy way of saying that two planets are within 60 degrees of each other, which really just means that when they get close to one another they create an energy that is felt by all of us.

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February has been an interesting month with so many sextiles and squares; it’s as if things are constantly changing and evolving, making it impossible for us to remain where we have been.

There are always astrological aspects at play that are pushing us to look at life differently, to let go of something from the past, or to even take a risk on a new opportunity. But regardless of what is occurring in the skies, it ultimately becomes our choice as to whether or not we seize those moments in front of us.

The Sun always represents ourselves and the purpose of our life; in Pisces, she gets to go deep and explore all of the hidden realms that most aren’t even aware of. With the Sun transiting this water sign, we are encouraged to dream big, to consider how we want our lives to go, and what important things we want to accomplish.

But with just Pisces, we might tend to do more dreaming than doing. And this is where Saturn comes into the picture.

Sometimes this strong planet gets a bad rap because he's all about hard work and boundaries, but we need someone to encourage us to keep reaching for our dreams, even if at times that person is solely ourselves.

Saturn is at home in Capricorn — comfortable, regimented and ready for the long haul. He likes to take things one step at a time, methodically working toward his goal and desired end result. In relationships with the Sun in Pisces, this means that we are going to be encouraged to dream big and inspired to take big action to make them a reality.

There is always a place for dreaming and imaging what we want our lives to look like, especially when it comes to our primary relationships. While it’s more common for women to consider what we want our lives to be in terms of romantic relationships, if we don’t stop to consider what we want or need, we also run a risk of ending up in a situation in which we don’t have it.

February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day and Pisces season, but for the second half of the month, it is magnified because of numerous aspects — one of the most important being Juno coming onto the scene.

As children we are always asked what we will grow up to be but never what kind of relationship we hope to have. And while it can be as ambiguous to ask as the other, what is interesting is that while we have numerous options for what kind of job we will have, we only have one when it comes to our primary relationship.

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For all of us, the expectation is that we will grow up and get married — and that is the extent of our dreams and expectations about our primary relationship. We don’t hear words like intimacy and building until much later in life, usually once we realize how important other aspects are to being happy and satisfied within our relationships.

During the second half of February, we can see ourselves thinking more about not just our personal and professional dreams, but also those we have for our romantic lives. This isn’t through a rose-colored lens; rather, we will be allowing ourselves to dream about what type of relationship we hope to have in our lives versus the kind of relationship others see us having.

There has been a giant shift so far this year from living for others to truly living for ourselves.

We can pretend for a long time that certain aspects of our lives and our relationships fit, even trying to convince ourselves that something feels right or that it supports us in the aspirations for our future. But we can’t do it forever.

Saturn likes the truth — he is, after all, the Lord of Karma — and anything that we have done or not done will be coming up around this time for us to truly see the greater meaning in all of it.

Pisces likes to dream and Capricorn likes to plan, so together these two make it possible to really look at our lives and plan how to get from where we are now to where we want to be. They also show us how to set up our lives so they fit our specific needs instead of those we are told by society we are supposed to have.

When Sun sextiles Saturn, we are likely to see some intense conversations between us and those we are romantically involved with, focusing on setting up the future in such a way that both people feel mutually satisfied by it. This could lead to some big physical changes — moving in together, trips, or even a nontraditional way to express commitment and dedication.

There is a big part of life that is all about letting go and going with the flow of whatever life brings our way. But then there is this other crucial aspect to remember: if we don’t actively participate in the creation of the lives that we want to live, then we will likely end up living a life that we don’t. 

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