How The Life-Changing Venus-Uranus Sextile On February 6th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Venus-Uranus sextile
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It's more about just being ourselves.

On February 6th, we will experience a Venus-Uranus sextile. Not only will this greatly impact each zodiac sign, but it will cause a massive change in your love horoscope.

What is a sextile in astrology? A sextile is a way of describing that two planets are within approximately 60 degrees of one another and that they are benefiting and working together to give us the most "oomph" from a transit.

In this case, we have Venus, the planet of love, coming together with Uranus, the planet that is responsible for sudden change, resulting in us throwing out the rule book on love. There has been a theme emerging recently of loving without rules. 

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For so many of us, it seems that what we thought we wanted from love didn’t actually feel like it fit once we had it, so we were asked instead to take on the journey of finding out just what that meant for us.

With so many planets now in Aquarius after leaving stodgy Capricorn, we are feeling like we finally found our wings to explore life on our own terms.

Venus and Uranus like passion, uniqueness, and are very hot lovers in the bedroom — or, in fact, anywhere that the moment strikes.

It’s not that they don’t care about commitment, but unlike when they were in Capricorn, they don’t need it to look a certain way in order to know that it’s real. This means that we are less likely to purpose out of obligation of doing what’s right, and instead will spontaneously decide to tie the knot while on vacation simply because the mood struck.

But it’s about more than just that — it’s about us changing the way that we love.

When we are young, we have this ideal of love that was taught to us by those around us including movies and books. These themes can be romanticized but they can also be very specific when it comes to what actually defines a couple, or rather, a couple that is committed to one another.

Our expectation of love is that we meet someone, we date, we marry with a diamond ring and white dress, we buy a house, have a baby and bam! We are not only committed adults but we also have our "forever" neatly packaged and ready for the approval from everyone around us, because we did things the way in which we were expected to.

But then we start to question it and we begin to wonder why we made the choices that we did, and if there actually is another option to all of this life and love thing.

It’s these big questions that have begun to rattle inside our hearts since the start of 2018, and with every transit and moon, we’ve been pushed to turn more inward and discover exactly what it means to us when we think of what "forever" is.

Just prior to this Venus-Uranus sextile, we had the big and exciting super blood blue moon eclipse, which really rocked all of us, even if it will take a few months for us to see exactly what its purpose was. Yet, there will be a drastic change in energy and in how we process and move through different experiences in life, but especially in love.

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We’re no longer going to be afraid of the unknown, of creating waves or even of standing out because of our choices in love. There won’t be fear of being ridiculed or overwhelmed with the opinions and thoughts of others — not because they won’t exist but because we just simply will no longer care.

It’s true that the more okay we are with our life choices, the less we need others to be, and while maybe we all needed to learn this the hard way, the truth is this lesson is finally here.

This sextile isn’t so much about teaching us anything that we don’t already know, but it is giving us the greenlight to start living the truth that we already have woken up to. And perhaps we are still letting the dust settle on that, or it needs to evolve a little bit more before it can stand on its own two feet, but the one thing we are certain of is that we aren’t going to live or love according to anyone’s truth but our own.

Venus and Uranus like to show off a bit; they are a fan of physical attractiveness and tend to go out on a limb with fashion or lifestyle choices. They enjoy the limelight but only on their own terms, and they don’t want to keep like anyone is trying to box them in according to their own expectations.

But just because they enjoy the limelight doesn’t mean they will go seeking it. 

It’s more than people who are just drawn to those who embrace the energies of these two planets because of their magnetism. These two like to be free in love  to explore together, to grow together, and to experience life together.

They are the ultimate free spirit transit combo, and because Venus is involved, it’s going to inspire all of us to look at our close romantic relationships in a different light.

While commitment is still in the stars during this time, it’s less likely to look as traditional as we’ve been seeing it and instead may materialize as a proposal without a ring, a wedding without guests, or some other alternative way of making a commitment. The thing to remember during this time is that it’s not about how others see your relationship that matters but how you truly feel about it.

This transit also favors travel and sudden changes. It could be the beginning of a new relationship, moving in together, planning a road trip, or just taking off to a tropical destination for some fun in the sun.

In truth, the only aspect of a commitment that truly matters is the love itself, so if you have that, you already have everything you need. 

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