Awful New Details About The Man Who Tried To Murder His Wife After She Found Out He Was Cheating With A 14-Year-Old Girl

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James Chelekis

He was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison.

A Michigan man was sentenced to prison today after he tried to kill his wife when she found out he was having an affair with a teenage girl. 

In June of last year, James Phillip Chelekis, 32, admitted to his wife that he was cheating on her. At the time, she said she had no idea the girl he was having sex with was only 14 years old. 

After he confessed, he slit her throat while she was sitting in a chair. 

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"He came out of the closet behind me, my head was tipped back resting on the back of the chair with my eyes closed," his former wife, Amanda, told the court. "Standing behind me, he kissed my forehead and slit my throat from one side to the other. The trauma I was forced to endure was horrendous.”

Amanda tried to stop him, which resulted in gashing wounds on her hands. When he was finished, she begged him to call for help, but instead, he called the girl he was sleeping with. 

The teen girl, who's not being named, also begged Chelekis to call for help. But it wasn't until an entire hour went by before he finally did. 

Before he called 911, however, he told Amanda, "this is the end."

“He asked why I hadn’t bled out yet. I was constantly praying to find a way to live,’’ Amanda told the court. “I told him I was going to die very soon if he didn’t do something and he would regret it the rest of his life.’’

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Amanda is a nurse and credits her training for her survival. She knew how to position her head to keep blood from flowing into her airways until help arrived. 

When police spoke to the teenage girl, she told them she had been engaged in a sexual relationship with Chelekis for about a year. Detectives found text messages and photos that confirmed their relationship. 

Her mother said he "brainwashed" their daughter. 

"She went from having lots of friends to no friends,’’ Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Monica M. Janiskee read. “Somehow James managed to manipulate her to where he was the only one she trusted, which resulted in total isolation from activities and friends and an inappropriate relationship with him."

Chelekis, a former math teacher, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal sexual misconduct for the affair with the student and pleaded no contest to the attempted murder of his wife. 

He'll serve 30 to 60 years in prison. 

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