50 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women Looking For Good Tats

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Best Tattoos For Women
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Tattoos on your heart, soul, and now skin

Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself. Through different designs and quotes, you are able to wear your heart on your sleeve (sometimes very literally). This form of self-expression is beautiful and completely personal. It is your body, your canvas and you choose what you put on it

Some people are not too keen on getting tattoos for themselves. That is totally okay, you don't have to get inked to express yourself. There are plenty of ways to do that. But you can surely appreciate the art that some people choose to have.

You can showcase your interests. If you love music there is a way to show that. If you are passionate about animals there are designs for that as well. Or you could always come up with your own creation both big and small. 

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You can get a tattoo to help motivate or remind yourself of something or someone. If a dear loved one has passed getting a tattoo in remembrance of them can be therapeutic. If you have been having a rough couple of months and need some courage a tattoo can serve as a reminder to be strong for you. 

Or maybe you just want a gorgeous design to look at every day. Something that makes you smile and happy when you see it. 

Your tattoo can be shown for the world to see. You are proud and want to show your colors. Or maybe you would rather it be more hidden. It is solely for you and that makes it more special in your heart. Wherever you want your tattoo is your choice, and no one can tell you differently. 

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If you need some inspiration for tattoos for women look no further. Listed below are several beautiful, expressive and creative designs for you to choose or to be inspired by! 

Nature Tattoos 

1. Flower Pattern Shoulder Tattoo

Via LuckyBella.com

This design is intricate and makes a statement all while being beautiful and girly. 

2. Dandelion Into Bird Tattoo

Via Cuded.com

Make a wish and fly with this design. The dandelion flawlessly turns into birds soaring. Gorgeous and different. 

3. Dripping Rose Tattoo

Via Koees.com

This rose is different and simple but still so eye-catching. Pale pink and the dark black drips are the perfect offset to make this tattoo special. 

4. Outline Of A Rose Tattoo

Via Tattoohangout.com

This tat doesn't need a lot of color to make it intricate. It is perfect for a wrist placement and the detail is absolutely stunning. 

5. Flower Ankle Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com

This is sweet and girly but also fun. The flower design is simple and beautiful, fits an ankle like it was meant to be there. 

6. Tree And Mountain Landscape Tattoo

Via Poptattoo.tk

Now this tattoo is just so cool to look at. Seriously everyone will be asking to check it out once you get it. 

7. Flower Arrow Tattoo

Via Tattoosplendor.net

This tat screams girl power. The flowers are feminine yet the arrow itself is badass. It all comes together to create the perfect design.

8. Sunflower Tattoo

Via Mybodiart.com

This makes a splash with its large and sweet design. Bold and beautiful all in one, this sunflower will light up anyones day. 

9. Colorful Dandelion Into Bird Tattoo

Via trend2wear.com

This design is stunning and bright. The dandelion is being blown into flying birds and it all comes together with a rainbow of color. 

10. Scenic Outside Tattoo

Via TattooJournal.com

This is a beautiful picture that looks like it should belong in a storybook. The intricate design will make everyone stop and admire it. 

11. Minimalist Dandelion Tattoo

Via Totalbeauty.com

It's simple but beautiful. This design proves you don't have to have a lot going on for a tattoo to be interesting.

12. Tree Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com

Nothing shows that you have a special connection with nature more than a tattoo with a gorgeous tree design. It looks so real. 

13. Wrap Around Flower Vine Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com

This design is so simple yet so eye-catching. The vine of flowers fits perfectly around an arm or a leg and is pretty yet not flashy. 

14. Flying Birds Tattoo

Via Pinterest.com

Now this is interesting, especially with the placement. People will be wondering what the design is and when they see it up close they will love it as much as you. 

15. Branch Of Leaves Tattoo

Via Redbookmag.com

This is a design that doesn't have a lot of detail because it doesn't need it. The simplicity of it is what makes it special. 

16. Colorful Leaf Tattoo

Via Pinterest.com

Colorful and fun but still beautiful and simple all rolled into one. This is a great design to get for your wrist, now you will always be looking down at a work of art. 

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Quote Tattoos

1. Inspirational Quote

Via Trend2wear.com

"I am enough" 

2. Minimalist Quote Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com


3. Quote And Design Tattoo 

Via Galknows.com

"Faith. Hope. Love"

4. Meaningful Quote Tattoo

Via Tattoo Posts on Twitter.com

"Not all those who wander are lost"

5. Self Love Quote Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com

"Don't forget to love yourself" 

6. Inspirational Quote Tattoo

Via Koees.com

"Never give up" 

7. Advice Giving Quote Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com

"Let it be"

8. One Word Quote Tattoo

Via Mytattooland.com


9. Empowering Quote Tattoo

Via Tattoohangout.com

"Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me" 

10. Informative Quote Tattoo

Via Pinterest.com

"Inhale the future, exhale the past"

11. Inspiring Quote Tattoo

Via Ciaobellabody.com

"But without the dark, we'd never see the stars" 

12. Strength Quote Tattoo

Via Popsugar.com

"She flies with her own wings"

13. Courageous Quote Tattoo

Via Popsugar.com

"Follow your heart"

14. Supportive Quote Tattoo

Via Welovetattoos.com

"One day at a time"

15. Shakespeare Quote Tattoo

Via Pinterest.com

"Though she be but little, she is fierce"- William Shakespeare

16. Hopeful Quote Tattoo

Via Pinterest.com

"Let your faith be bigger than your fears"

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Design Tattoos

1. Crown Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com

Show the world the queen you really are (they should have known anyway). This is a beautiful design worthy of royalty.

2. Elephant Tattoo

Via Thistattoo.com

This design is so intricate and detailed it is hard to say it is anything less than impressive. Such a creative and interesting tattoo that you will have to get. 

3. Cross Tattoo

Via Maallure.com

Let your faith be the design with this simple yet stunning design for a tattoo. It is small enough in size but big enough in message. 

4. Anchor Tattoo

Via Tattoo-journal.com

Set sail and get ready to receive some compliments on this gorgeous tattoo. If your heart is truly at sea then this is perfect for you. 

5. Musical Notes Tattoo

Via Nantahales.com

If your soul and passions are invested into music then there is no better way to showcase that with this cute and trendy tattoo. 

6. Intricate Moon Design Tattoo

Via Weeklystyles.com

This one is interesting and magical, and it fits the size of your finger. There is no shortage of uniqueness with this tattoo. 

7. Detailed Sun/Flower Tattoo

Via Mybodiart.com

This design is not one that you can compartmentalize. It is so intricate and elegant all in one that is a show-stopper.

8. Arrow Tattoo

Via Mytattooland.com

Simple yet statement worthy. This arrow is pointing in exactly the right direction towards creative and unique style. 

9. Detailed Mandala Tattoo

Via Fenzyme.com

The design with this tattoo is very mesmerizing. Its simple but also so detailed all at the same time. You will love the look of this tattoo.

10. Paw print And Heart Tattoo

Via Indulgy.com

Animal lovers this one is for you. If furry friends have captured your heart this is the perfect design to showcase that. 

11. Feather Tattoo

Via Culturacolectiva.com

If you are a free spirit and you know it then it is time to show it. Simple but anything but delicate, this design is perfect for the wild at heart. 

12. Diamond Tattoo

Via Stylendesigns.com

If diamonds are your best friend then this is the tattoo that you will want to get. You are as precious as a diamond so why not. 

13. Unique Paw print  Tattoo

Via Beautyfinals.com

This is one that is perfect and unique for the outspoken and different souls who love their animals. It is beautiful and fun with lots of color.

14. Fairy Tattoo

Via Cuded.com

If you have magic in your heart then this is the design that you will want to have for a tattoo. Tinkerbell herself would be proud. 

15. Wings Tattoo

Via Trend2wear.com

Now you finally have the wings you know that you were always meant to have. Such a bold design, now you can go and take flight.

16. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

Via Pinterest.com

If you have a very special someone that you want to always be connected to this is absolutely perfect. Can be customized to both of your fingerprints. Beautiful and heartfelt. 

16. Star Tattoo

Via Sotrature.com

You are a star so you deserve a tattoo that emulates that. This design is simple and classy but packs a whole lot of star power.

17. Charm Anklet Tattoo

Via Prettydesigns.com

This tat is like having a piece of jewelry on 24/7. Who needs Tiffany's when you can have a more permanent set of beautiful hardware. 

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