What It Means When You Dream About Cats (Or See One)

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What It Means When You Dream About Cats Or See One

Are you dreaming or seeing cats everywhere? Cats are among one the most common household pets in America.

Many of us have interacted or seen cats before, even though we might have not actually owned one.

But most of us aren’t aware of how special cats are.

What does it mean spiritually if you dream or see a cat?

Knowing that cats have "nine lives". It is just the tip of the iceberg. These magnificent animals have so many hidden qualities and attributes.

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Cat’s aren’t just your average pet. Just think about the way they act in comparison to dogs (yes I know they are completely different animals).

Cats tend to stay to themselves in an almost secretive and aloof manner. This is what gives them their air of mystery.

It’s like cats don’t ever want you to figure them out or give them too much attention. They appreciate their independence.

But have you ever noticed that cats always come around you when you're feeling down? These animals are highly spiritual.

When they’re in your presence it’s very intentional because they can sense that something is off.

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What do cats symbolize?

All cats symbolize freedom, mystery, sensitivity, intelligence, self-confidence, and adaptability.

These strengths are what differentiate cats from other spiritual animals.

But what a black cat predominately symbolizes, is not the same as what a white cat symbolizes.

The color of the cat plays a large role in what they are meant to convey to you.

Spiritual meaning of a cat, by color:

  • Black cats symbolize healing.
  • White cats symbolize purity.
  • Gray cats symbolize harmony.
  • Brown cats symbolize neutrality.
  • Orange cats symbolize adventure.

What is so significant about a cat’s vision?

All cats have a large field of vision both peripheral and straightforward.

The spiritual meaning behind their heightened vision is awareness.

Within the spiritual real awareness is vital. It’s the only way to access spirituality, so a cat’s vision is it’s a gateway to spirituality.

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What does it mean when you see a cat in your dreams?

Seeing a cat in your dreams can mean a plethora of things.

The meaning is contingent on the color of the cat and what the cat is doing in the dream.

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For example, seeing an orange cat give birth in a dream, could be an indicator a new endeavor is in your future.

Different cat dreams have different meanings. But normally a cat dream is a sign you need to be more daring and open to taking risks.

The cat is trying to tell you that it is jumping at opportunities instead of letting them pass you by.

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What does it mean when you keep seeing a cat?

When you keep seeing a cat whether, in real life or a dream, that’s a sign.

It’s a clear indicator that you need to take action in some part of your life or it’s a warning of what could potentially happen in the future.

There’s a common myth that black cats are bad luck, that’s simply not true.

The color of their fur does not symbolize bad luck. So if you’re continuously seeing them don’t think that you’re doomed to seven years of bad luck.

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