Owl Totem Animal Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

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Owl Totem Animal Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

Owls are very fascinating animals and part of the spiritual totem, which is why spotting one is so meaningful.

They are nocturnal, so they are up at night. Owls also make a "hoot" sound that is quite different. Owls are not your typical type of bird.

Why are owls symbolic?

They are birds of prey, which means instead of eating seeds and insects, they hunt. One of the distinctive features of an Owl is their very large eyes.

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Their eyes allow them to hunt their prey effectively because they have a wide range and can see things in 3D.

Ever since I was a kid, I thought owls were extremely cute and mysterious.

I remember wanting everything from owl mugs to owl pendant necklaces. Trust me owls were cool back then.

Back then I just thought my love of owls was a phase.

I was oblivious to the fact that owls had a spiritual meaning.

Seeing all those owls was not a coincidence, it was a message.

When you realize an owl is a spirit animal or totem you begin to see the animal in a different light. They begin to hold more symbolic meaning.

Owls have been used as symbols to represent:

  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • knowledge

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What do owls do that make them so symbolic?

Owls are birds of prey who rely on their intuition and knowledge to hunt their prey.

Owls trust their instincts in order to find their next meal.

Their knowledge is what determines which animals they go after and which they leave alone.

Owls gain this wisdom from years of practice and likely evolution.

On the dark side, owls can symbolize death as well.

The death that the owl represents is not always a physical death, so don’t start assuming your days on earth are coming to a near end.

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The death owls symbolize normally indicates change.

It can be symbolism for a new beginning. In order to have a fresh start, the old ways must become nonexistent.

The owl could be telling you to starve your old ways, to reap the benefits of your new life.

Here are more spiritual meanings for an owl:

1. Owl totem animal spiritual meaning: take action

Your spirit animal is trusting its intuition and wants to warn you that you can no longer procrastinate or need to stop feeling inadequate.

The owl is telling you that it is time for that big change you are too scared to make.

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2. Owl totem animal spiritual meaning: open your eyes

Owls have noteworthy eyesight. Seeing an owl in a seeing means that it is time you broaden your horizon.

Acknowledge that there is more to life than the typical day-to-day.

Challenge yourself to see things from different perspectives so you become more aware.

The owl wants you to be in tune with the world around you.

In order to do that you must open your eyes up to observation.

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3. Owl totem animal spiritual meaning: trust your gut

Nowadays a lot of people struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, so seeing an owl is a sign you need to trust yourself.

Your intuition and gut feeling will not steer you wrong.

Do not allow outside factors to confuse you to the point where you have no idea what to do.

Rely on your gut, just like an owl relies on their own intuition.

The owl, spirit animal is telling you it is ok to trust yourself because you are capable of doing so.

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4. Owl totem animal spiritual meaning: a warning.

The form of death that an owl is warning you about can be either physical or symbolic.

Throughout history, owls are seen as the announcers of death.

The hoot of an owl, in superstition, foreshadows that physical death is near.

If death is symbolic that means a change will be taking place in your life.

Saying goodbye to something from your past is a symbolic death that makes room for a new beginning.

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