The Spiritual Meaning Behind Dragonfly Dreams

Dragonflies are mystical creatures.

 The Spiritual Meaning Behind Dragonfly Dreams getty

A person's dreams say a lot about their subconscious thoughts, and when you dream about a dragonfly there's something symbolic and spiritual to it.

The dragonfly is special and dreams that you remember carry spiritual meaning.

Dragonflies are symbolic totem animals viewed as an omen in many spiritual practices.

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Dreams happen when the subconscious mind tries to solve a problem.

When we sleep, our brains are still awake which causes us to have visual sensations.

Most people usually write off their dreams as random sequences, but despite this, our dreams have strong underlying meanings.

When you see recurring images of dragonflies specifically in dreams, something is about to change in your life.

Common spiritual meanings about dragonflies include:

  • Transformation
  • Change
  • Self-realization
  • Adaptability

Like humans, every day we are naturally changing ourselves and our surroundings.

Scroll down to find out what your dreams may when you see a dragonfly.

Dreams about dragonfly wings:

The wings of a dragonfly are highly sensitive in nature, and during this time of change, you may be, too.


Change is an essential step in the growth process, but can also be the hardest.

Dream about catching a dragonfly:

If you try to hold on to the dragonfly and it flies away, you're afraid to lose control.

If you are releasing it willingly, you are ready to move on.

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Dream about a dragonfly with a broken wing:


No one wants to have feelings of disruption in their everyday life which causes them to shy away from things that challenge them.

The harsh truth is that avoiding change just delays the growth process because change is inevitable whether we want to accept it or not.

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Dream about a resting dragonfly:

You need to have trust and faith.

Dream about petting a dragonfly:

Safety. Security.

Dragonflies are harmless creatures, so symbolically to dream of one means that even though you may be going through a frightening time, you'll come out unscathed.

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Dream about dragonfly in slow motion:

You need to slow down.

Growth is an important process that helps us navigate our way through life. Our bodies and minds grow as we get older along with our soul.

Dream about giving birth to a dragonfly:

A dragonfly spiritually means that you are going through a period of maturity that is everlasting.


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Dream about dragonfly eggs:

Nesting. Dragonflies are ancient creatures. They have been around since the time of the dinosaur.

Dream about dragonfly in many colors:

The special thing about our soul is that it grows because our maturity has allowed us to feed our spirit the right way — like a dragonfly.

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Dream about eating a dragonfly:

You are going to win over an enemy.

Dragonflies have human predators. In some countries, they are a delicacy.

If you see a dragonfly swarming around you in your dream — you need to be careful.

Spiritually, they are warning you to avoid people who are toxic.


For example, there may be times you think back to some regrets in your life that at the moment you believed was the right decision.

Your soul needed certain things at that time but now you are in a different place which means you have different needs.

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If a dragonfly lands on you in your dream, — you're going to be lucky.

Growth is a major component of the journey for self-actualization.

Change or transformation takes place once we accept that our old ways are becoming outdated.

We must go on to bigger and better aspects of our life. In order to get to that place, you must address your fear of the unknown.


Dreaming about a dragonfly can mean that it's time for you to try new things.

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If the dragonfly in your dream is moving its wings in different directions, it's a signal that you also need to diversify.

No one knows what to expect in the future which can be scary. Usually, people will mentally repress this fear and live undisrupted.

This fear reveals itself in this person's dreams in a special way. Dragonflies are used to represent this emotion in our dream for two reasons

You can use the power of your dragonfly dream, once you understand its symbolism and meaning, to overcome challenges that scare you.


In order to manifest this dream in a positive way, you must first acknowledge your fear of change.

Once you change your perspective, you will be able to embrace the unknown and accept yourself for what you were meant to do (which is grow).

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