11 Cringey Details About Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's Relationship, Including Rumors They're Already Married

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Is Miley Cyrus Married? 11 Strange Details About Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's Relationship, Breakup, And Wedding Rumors
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Their relationship timeline is wild.

One of Hollywood's most adored and heavily watched young couples is Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. 

The duo has had quite the rollercoaster of a relationship since first meeting and co-starring in The Last Song in 2009. Nine years later, the couple is engaged and apparently happier than ever — but it took a LOT of break ups and make-ups to get where they are today.

Like, a lot.

They've made many headlines throughout their tumultuous relationship and despite all the rumors and assumptions made, they overcame every trial and tribulation together. While Miley has always been the more outspoken one in their relationship, Liam has never shied away from proclaiming his love for Miley on social media. The duo is known for sharing cute little exchanges on Instagram, showing their support and affection for each other. 

Christmas angel.

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on Nov 26, 2017 at 10:54pm PST

Happiest birthday to my very best friend on the entire planet!

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Jan 12, 2018 at 7:16pm PST

Just like most celebrity couples, they've had their ups and downs and have had to do it with millions of prying eyes watching their every move. 


However, no matter how many mess ups they've had, they remain one of the most popular and beloved celeb couples and we can't wait to see them get married... that is if they haven't already. You never know with these two!

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1. Miley and Liam denied their relationship at first.


But they weren't fooling anyone! Miley and Liam's love story began on the set of The Last Song, and it's pretty obvious from the clip below that their chemistry was off the charts. However, it wasn't until a red carpet appearance for the film that they finally announced they were officially dating

2. Miley revealed Liam wasn't the only boyfriend who inspired her Can't Be Tamed album.


Miley revealed in this interview with MTV News that Hemsworth admitted to her at the time that, on her album Can't Be Tamed , "he likes 'Permanent December,' I think a lot, but only because it says Australia and he's Australian, so he likes that it says that," she smiled. "And he loves 'Tamed'. He's trying to make me teach him the dance, but I refuse to do it."

But she also stated the same album had songs that referenced Miley's previous relationships with stars like Nick Jonas, so it wasn't confirmed which songs are about which beau. Awkward. 

3. They broke up twice in the span of three months in 2010.


According to multiple reports, Miley and Liam broke up twice in 2010. Once in August due to her "work schedule", after which they reconciled in September, but then broke it off again in November and didn't get back together publicly until April 2010. However, as everyone knows, this is not the last time they break up.

4. Miley and Liam got engaged in 2012, but denied it at first.


Miley and Liam at first denied their engagement after reports started swirling around when Miley was spotted with a very sparkly diamond ring on that special "engagement rings go here" finger back in March of 2012 at the premiere of The Hunger Games. Four months later in June 2012, Miley finally confirmed her engagement wearing a very similar ring like the one that was pictured in March. Again, nobody was fooled. Try harder next time, Miley. 

5. Miley cut her hair and flaunted a new persona.

Miley nearly broke the internet in 2012 when she chopped off her hair in favor of a platinum blonde pixie cut. The haircut became synonymous with her hotly debated Bangerz era. During this time, Liam and Miley began appearing together less and less.

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6. Miley and Liam break up...?


2013 was not the best year in Miley and Liam's relationship. Throughout the beginning of the year for several months, Miley and Liam publicly denied rumors that they broke off their engagement even after Miley was spotted out on several occasions without her engagement ring, and was accused of cheating on Liam with Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick which she amicably denied. 

However, in September 2013 they officially broke up publicly, and Miley unfollowed Liam on social media shortly afterward. In the same month, Liam was spotted making out with actress Eiza Gonzalez.

7. Miley's twerking VMA performance. Enough said.


No one will ever forget Miley's infamous meme- and gif-worthy VMA performance with Robin Thicke. While Miley was twerking on everyone and everything in sight, people were questioning former Disney star's motives for this "New Miley". Although Miley's new look and sound received mixed reviews, her album Bangerz debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 and features hits like "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball".

8. Miley breaks down singing "Wrecking Ball" on live TV.

During her first live performance of "Wrecking Ball" at the iHeartRadio Music Festival (shown below), Miley breaks down during the song (and literally every girl that's gone through heartbreak can relate). It was such an emotional and raw performance, and many people speculated that the song referenced her breakup with Liam. However, Miley told Rolling Stone that she wasn't crying over a boy. Instead, she insisted the dogs in her video and performance came from thinking about her dog that had recently passed away. 

9. Miley dated Patrick Schwarzenegger.


In November 2014, Miley started dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. However, just sic months later they broke up after rumors surfaced about Patrick cheating on Miley. Then pictures surfaced showing Patrick getting cuddly on the beach during spring break with a girl that was definitely NOT Miley, and although he said they were "just friends," Miley decided to kick him to the curb.

10. Miley and Liam reunite.


Fast forward to early 2016 — after being spotted together on several occasions, including Miley helping Liam adopt a new dog and vacationing with Chris Hemsworth's wife, Miley and Liam announced not only were they "back on" but they were engaged (again)

11. Are Miley and Liam married?

In November 2017, Miley and Liam fueled rumors of a secret wedding when they both wore rings on their wedding fingers. However, as of January 2017, Liam's brother Chris Hemsworth revealed that the couple hasn't tied the knot "officially."

These two have been through it all, so we're happy they reunited and hope they finally get their happily ever after.

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