How Mars Moving Into Sagittarius Will Affect Your Love And Sex Horoscope The Next Few Weeks

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Mars moves into Sagittarius
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Passion is the only thing that makes life worth living.

On January 26th, Mars moves into Sagittarius. Mars, the planet of action and drive, will move into spiritually deep Sagittarius, igniting a desire inside all of us for more.

Whether you follow astrology, or check your horoscope regularly, this event will greatly impact not just Sagittarius, but all of the zodiac signs.

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There are many times in our lives where we will feel this desire begin to stir within for something that we can’t yet name, and so we patiently explore and wait for an opportunity to come our way. But Mars in Sagittarius is different — he doesn’t like to wait and prefers to make things happen.

Mars is the planet of action; he doesn’t wait around thinking much of the "what if" scenarios, nor does he question himself or his motives. It’s not to say that he’s spontaneous or even rash, but just that Mars moves when he wants to and there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop him.

This is also why it matters what zodiac sign Mars is moving through, because those qualities will only be emphasized and felt more strongly during a transit.

Sagittarius is the archer of the Zodiac. On the surface, this sign can appear as flighty, irresponsible and shallow, yet they are one of the true contradictions of the zodiac because this sign is actually incredibly deep; they just don’t let many get close enough to share in it with them.

Unlike other signs whose spirituality or intelligence is apparent when we first meet them, Sags like to keep things on the down low until they can really trust you. This means that there is a whole other world to this sign that many just do not get to ever experience.

One of the really interesting aspects of this sign is they very much are a "you get what you give" type of person. Sagittarians always have their eyes on the horizon, dreaming of big plans, big ideas and big moves. They see life more expansively than many others and when Mars moves into Sagittarius, it means that not only are we going to be thinking of the big picture, we’re going to want to be creating that too.

But Mars is a sexual sign, as is Sagittarius, which means that when these two come together, it’s about creating a passion set on fire from within.

Mars in Sagittarius isn’t after a quick fix or just another pretty face; they want to be turned on from the inside. They want to feel that someone is stimulating their intelligence and is willing to help turn their soul through the exploration of the finite — the universe, spirituality, consciousness and all of the areas of our lives that won’t only turn us on, but also turn us up.

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This transit leaves us wanting it all — now. Mars doesn’t wait because they ain’t got time for that, and they don’t need someone to hold them up, because not only do they know exactly what they want but they also know that they want it now. While this can affect our love lives as well, it’s really going to be lighting up the bedroom for all of us.

However, if you were born with your Mars in Sagittarius, or if your Sun and Moon are in this sign, you will be feeling these passionate fires burning a bit more hotly in the coming weeks. This particular transit is a longer one, lasting until March 17th, which means that we will have this energy through the entire eclipse season.

Not only is Mars in Sagittarius about more than just face value, it also likes to heat up anywhere — not just the bedroom. This means that not only will we likely see a spike in our sex drives over the coming weeks, but we will also be pulled to participate in more adventures.

The one side of this to be careful of is that, just like we saw more engagements under so much Capricorn energy, we could also see more pregnancies under this stimulating transit. When the passion is turned up high and we are feeling more adventurous, we tend to also not be as, ahem... safe when it comes to our sexual exploits.

On the other hand, if you are looking to start a family, this is an excellent time to do so. We are under eclipse season, and it’s the perfect time to surprise him with what we really wants on his lunch break (if you catch my drift).

For the rest of us, though, this transit has the possibility to further and deepen our connection with our lovers because of the intense mind-body stimulation that Sagittarius is famous for. It’s a time to let our inhibitions really fall to the floor and be willing to try something new. This could mean trying out foods during sex — like the obvious ones: whipped cream or chocolate, but could also mean ice cubes and fresh mangos as well.

It’s time to think about purchasing that new lingerie or handcuff set, and even looking up what a lingam massage is; this is the time to not only get off, but also connect.

While both Mars and Sagittarius have a heightened sex drive, they want to know that it’s not just sex their partner craves from them. Because once they are certain that the sexual chemistry is more deeply rooted than the sex itself, the fun really starts.

It’s a time to truly just let ourselves go in the hands of someone that we trust, knowing that every part of ourselves are safe with them, including our deepest sexual desires. Sex is just as important as the intellectual connection, especially if it’s stimulated just as sweetly.

Mars in Sagittarius wants to explore all that there is in a connection that is special to them, and sex is truly just the icing on top. But oh how delicious it can be with the right partner. 

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