How Venus Moving Into Aquarius On January 17th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope In The Next Few Weeks

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Venus moving into Aquarius
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We just have to let go and see what happens.

On Wednesday, January 17th, just a day after the New Moon in Capricorn, we will see Venus moving into Aquarius. While many planets tend to affect various aspects of our love lives, Venus is the one who calls the shots on how we love and also how we want to be loved in return.

Venus in is charge of our romantic relationships and the aspect of love in general. Thanks to astrology and depending on your zodiac sign, this shift will affect not only your horoscope, but your love life over the next few weeks.

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Currently, Venus is in the sign of Capricorn, which has been a difficult transit for the lovely and ethereal planet of love. Some signs work with the planets' natural energies more efficiently and productively while others tend to contradict its tendencies.

Venus in Capricorn is one of the more difficult aspects for this planet because she doesn’t like to deal with real issues and plan out matters of the heart.

The past few weeks we have all been looking at the real issues of any love affair or relationship that we are in because of the energies of Capricorn. Yet, it’s not all stodgy energy; if we’ve been doing our work and speaking up, we’ve actually been accomplishing quite a bit.

For those lovers who have been able to show up for one another during this transit, we will find in the coming weeks that we had been building and strengthening the foundation of the relationship. But those necessary moments in life and love aren’t always easy and this is why the energy of Aquarius will be a welcome wave of relief for many.

We have been through the trenches in Capricorn! we have done the work and now we want to spend some time enjoying the fruits of our labor. Aquarius is a freedom loving rebel with a cause sign. She likes to do things differently just for the sake of it and conformity is just not part of her vocabulary.

In some instances, Venus still isn’t quite at home in this sign because she does like commitment, but at this point we’ve already had that and now we just want to kick back and love. Venus moving into Aquarius results in loving for the sake of love — and nothing more.

She has no intention of trapping her lover or of drawing fine lines and boundaries of expectations because she wants to be just as free.

The aspect of how we love will be heightened at this time, and because of that we will gravitate toward those unique situations that give us time to focus on the one we love. We will be more apt to break free of the status quo and impulsively take a weekend trip away, or to pick up our love unexpectedly and surprise them for an afternoon out.

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Sometimes what we crave in our love affairs is nothing more than the feeling of being planned for, of rooting around in the realness of life with our lover and dealing with the practical matters that make us feel that we’re doing something that matters. But love needs balance, and the other side of practicality is doing what just feels good.

It seems that we give Venus in Aquarius a bad rap because this energy is so open-minded and focused on the future, but at the start of a new year it’s not only a gift but a north star directing us to focus on what most matters.

Venus in Aquarius is attracted to unconventional relationship ideals and will frequently have rebellious expectations about partners as well as the relationship itself. This can be frustrating to those who are afraid to love outside of the lines, but can also serve as an opportunity to redefine what a romantic relationship even is.

It’s this ideal that may be one we are all experiencing at the start of the year. It’s not to say we are ready to toss our romance from last year away, but rather, we’re no longer content doing things just because everyone else has or because it’s what socially expected of us. Venus in Aquarius wants us to look at what love means for ourselves and to think about what kind of relationship we need in order to feel not only fulfilled but as if we are able to grow.

Intellectual attraction is very important to Venus in Aquarius, so we will be feeling that shift as well within ourselves and how we relate to our partner or possible interests. It’s no longer enough to be just a pretty face — we also have to have the deep mind behind it to keep things interesting.

During this next year, we are going to be more focused on the depths of a mentally stimulating relationship that we previously have been in the past.

So, not only are we going to desire more freedom in our relationships, but we’re also going to want to be able to redefine the structures of our relationships. There most likely won’t be the insurgence of engagements in Aquarius as we saw in Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be acts of commitment. What it does mean, however, is that we will just be more likely to not adhere to the traditional rules we have become accustomed to.

If single, this means that we are going to be looking more at how to freely extend self-love to ourselves, and it also means that those sweet little winter flings and one-night stands might be on the rise.

With zero planets in retrograde until March, this is the time to take action to truly start manifesting whatever it is that we’re dreaming of. If unattached, think about what love truly means to you and what you would need in a relationship, and then refuse to settle for less.

Overall, Venus moving into Aquarius is just what we need to spice up the winter blues. After all, sometimes we just need to break a few rules in order to make way for love.

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