How The New Moon In Capricorn On January 16th Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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new moon in Capricorn
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It's the unofficial beginning of the new year.

Tuesday, January 16th marks the new moon in Capricorn, the first new moon of 2018.

In many regards, the past few weeks were just a dress rehearsal for the main event the zodiac signs are going to experience, and now that it’s here we can actually decide to leave the old behind for good.

Is anyone getting sick of hearing about Capricorn yet? Once again, we will see another planetary alignment in Capricorn with this new moon. The amount of planets that we have seen in this sign is unprecedented and also serves a very specific purpose.

We all have made or at least considered making new year’s resolutions in which we might lose weight, get better with our finances, move, look for a new job or finally leave those toxic relationships behind us once and for all, but we seem to have a difficult time in sticking with them. Even our horoscope can't always convince us that change is good.

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This is a natural human tendency to revert and fall back to what is comfortable, but once back there, we always wished we had stayed the course of change.

This is why 2018 is different: we aren’t just making promises, but we are taking action to truly create the big changes that we have been dreaming of for some time.

It’s scary and the reality is that sometimes when we are making those big adjustments, life can be downright terrifying. We can’t predict what will happen or what will occur during our new path; we literally are setting off on a road that we can’t see the destination of.

So, what we’re really being asked is to simply have faith in the journey.

During the time of this new moon in Capricorn, we are going to see several planets in Capricorn as well as our Sun. This means that we literally are all being infused with the energy of new beginnings and the tenacity and ambition to actually start that process.

But it’s more than that. While the universe always occurs in divine timing, it does like to push our hand at times and encourage (or just plain push) depending upon the situation. This is one of those times.

Sometimes, it’s not about things getting any better than they currently are, it’s not about waiting for us to think we have enough prepared, or money saved. It’s not about us doing anything else or working on who we are as a person, because once in a while, it’s just a matter of us deciding to stop turning down the blessings that the universe keeps trying to send us.

It seems when we are on the brink of change, we cry out and call to whatever divine being we believe in regardless of what that entity is. We plead or pray for direction, for confirmation or for answers. Yet, sometimes the reason we become so confused is because we aren’t listening the signs we are receiving.

Having this much Capricorn energy around the start of the new astrological year is a sign for all of us to clear 2017 from our eyes and look at what we have in front of us, right now in this moment.

No one is going to be the person they hope to become today; none of us are going to have it all together enough to feel ready, because all of those ideals are just purely illusions that someday will be better than today. Right now, we are being given the gift of realizing that we may not get to choose what happens in every moment, but we can decide when.

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We could spend months or years dragging our feet or talking ourselves out of what we are being called to move into, but in the end, those things we are meant to do will occur regardless and in spite of ourselves at times. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

We can choose to be the creator of our lives in which we decide to seize this opportunity and begin to move our feet toward change.

For all of us, we have aspects of our lives that are begging for an overhaul. 

If it’s a career or geographical move, we are being asked to reach out to those that might assist us with it and begin to formulate a plan of action. Perhaps we are thinking of continuing our education or starting a business. Start doing research, apply for loans and start taking direct steps to creating the newness.

In terms of love and relationships, we are being asked to make a deep commitment. But this isn’t difficult or even challenging for those that are truly ready and being called to step up from the heavens. Rather, this energy, this aspect of partnerships and of leveling up will feel natural to those that are truly on the course of embodying where the universe is encouraging us to go.

It’s all about listening to the signs, and one of those that we often overlook is how we feel internally about something or even someone.

During this new moon, not only will be feeling the start of our astrological new year, but we will also be tuning into our own divine energy and gaining a better sense of how we actually feel about those aspects of change we know are brewing.

There is so much positive energy occurring around this new moon that it will be impossible to actually remain where we have been. This is also an excellent time to become really clear on how we feel and what we want, because in just a few weeks, eclipse season starts off with a banger of a blue moon.

The time is now, and whether we hesitate or not, one way or another, things are going to be changing. 

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