Awful New Details About 3-Year-Old Sherin Mathews And Her Official Cause Of Death

Photo: Houston Chronicle
Sherin Mathews

It's been ruled as "homicidal violence."

The results from the autopsy report on Sherin Matthews are in and police have officially released a cause of death. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, the 3-year-old died from "homicidal violence." Law enforcement confirmed this information on Wednesday. 

Mathews was first reported missing on Oct. 3 by her adoptive parents, Wesley and Sini Mathews. Soon later, she was found dead in an area near her Texas home. 

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Once her body was found, her adoptive parents were arrested. Wesley is facing charges of first-degree felony injury to a child. Sini is charged with child endangerment or abandonment related to death. 

"There is nothing in the autopsy results that indicate Sini Mathews had anything to do with the death of Sherin Mathews," her attorney, Mitch Nolte told WFAA. 

Due to the extensive decomposition of the body, her exact cause of death couldn't be determined. Both of her adoptive parents are expected in court Wednesday morning for a custody hearing for their 4-year-old biological child. 

During that hearing, they could forfeit their parental rights or the court could decide a date for a trial to possibly terminate their rights. This would make the third CPS hearing for them. In a hearing in late November, doctors testified that Sherin showed signs of abuse. 

Wesley changed his story about what happened to Sherin multiple times. 

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At first, he said he left Sherin outside in the middle of the night as punishment for not drinking her milk. He later admitted to police that he removed his adoptive daughter's body from the home. It's still not exactly clear just how she ended up dead. 

The night she went missing, Wesley and Sini went out to dinner with their biological child and left Sherin home alone. 

Last month, the couple lost their rights to see their biological daughter temporarily. Both parents have maintained their innocence in Sherin's death and haven't admitted to killing her. 

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