How The New Moon In Scorpio Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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new moon in scorpio
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It's now or never in your love life.

On Saturday, November 18th, we will have an illustrious new moon in Scorpio that will dramatically change our lives whether we actually want it to or not.

New moons are a time for beginnings, yet sometimes we drag our feet or resist. But all of that will be impossible with this lunation because the only direction we will be able to go is forward.

Scorpio is one of the deepest signs of the zodiac; they don’t have any tolerance for the superficial or the casual. Scorpio is known as the king of all or nothing ultimatums, and while sometimes they don’t always mean it, it’s just the nature of this intense sign.

This new moon is the now or never point of 2017.

We still have a month to go, but we’ve also come so far and now is the time to jump. Sometimes there are proverbial points of no return in our lives and it seems as if so many of us have been on a rollercoaster of events over the past year.

At times, it seems like we couldn’t see which was way was up, that maybe we weren’t ever going to see out of the fog that seemed to engulf us over the past year. But the truth is all that was then and this is now.

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That fog should have started to lift around the time of the full moon a few weeks ago and now we should be in a place to start making more decisions and spending less time sitting around scratching our heads, wondering what it is exactly we want from love, or even from the person that we are in relationship with.

Scorpio doesn’t know how to do luke warm — it’s all or nothing for a reason — and boy do they like to do things hot, especially in the bedroom. This sign isn’t just about a deep sense of spiritualism, soulmate ride-or-die type of love, but also amazingly passionate sex. When this fire sign is involved in matters of the heart, it’s all the way.

But sometimes, all the way can be scary, especially in terms of new beginnings because that's what this new moon in Scorpio is asking of us right now. We can’t actually move forward if our foot is still on the brake, and while maybe it’s safer that way, it certainly won’t lead anyone to growth, love, or even sex.

The effects of this high octane Scorpio energy will be in play from the week before to the week following the new moon. It’s going to be coursing through our veins, igniting the fires within and challenging us to step out from our comfort zones so that we can actually see what life is like once we stop playing it safe.

There are moments in our lives that seem solely defined by what is happening within our hearts, and some of the greatest moments of our lives happen because we’re in love. Rarely do we even look at our career success as the pinnacle of our lives, but rather, the moments we fell in love, the first night after moving in together, a proposal on bended knee, or the promise of a lifetime just to simply never leave.

It’s the moments that we feel in our heart the most deeply that end up meaning the most to us; it’s those memories that we keep with us forever.

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Perhaps not everyone will fall in love this weekend, and maybe we’re not all going to be saying "I do," but that doesn’t mean it won’t be one of the moments we reflect upon for the rest of our lives. Yet before this occurred, we had to let go of what our hearts were no longer in.

For the majority of us, this occurred over the past month without us even necessarily being aware that we were headed towards this new beginning. And now that we’re here, it seems like we’re realizing there’s not really anywhere else we’d rather be.

This doesn’t mean we will all slip into a love utopia, but it does mean that we’re brave enough to make the changes that we’re meant to. It means we’re choosing ourselves and our happiness and that we’re more afraid of missing our great love than what it will take for us to actually invite it into our lives.

It’s time to jump all in or to walk away forever. Ultimatums are never fun or convenient, but sometimes if we don’t draw a line in the sand about what we expect from love or from our partner, then we also won’t ever receive that which we desire the most.

So, perhaps it’s not a true ultimatum that may be coming down the line in the coming week, but rather, a directed choice of love.

Scorpio is willing to go to the ends of the earth for the ones they care about the most. They are the sign that will understand without words, be there unconditionally, and while the moon is in this sign, the energy will be permeating all of our lives and hearts.

It’s a time for that beginning because you deserve it — hell, we all deserve it. It’s been a hard year of new beginnings, of figuring out who we are and where we want to go in this life, and now it just seems that the only thing left to do is actually take that one step forward. To not just talk about the future but actually make moves to start building it.

Because we can only talk about something for so long before we actually have to start acting upon our words, and Scorpio likes nothing more than for us to walk our talk; to step out from the ordinary and to seize the moment to start manifesting the desires of our hearts. 

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