Horrifying Details About The Ex-Airman Who Murdered His 4-Year-Old Son To Have 'One Less Baby Mama'

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Ex airman Jeremy Deonte Ralph murders son
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He only knew the boy for a month.

Ex-Airman Jeremy Deonte Ralph went before a judge Monday and was sentenced to life in prison for beating his 4-year-old son to death after only knowing him for a month.

Ralph, 26, was convicted of first-degree murder by one in a position of trust on Monday in a Colorado court. He was also found guilty of second-degree murder after deliberation, child abuse and recklessly causing death.

A report from the Colorado Springs Gazette said that a jury determined Ralph didn't intend to murder the toddler but that he knew his actions would certainly lead to the boy’s death.

Prosecutor Donna Billek told the judge that a recorded jail phone call caught Ralph joking about having “one less baby mama.”

"It's laughter to him - it doesn't mean anything at all," said Billek, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

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According to PEOPLE, Ralph called 911 on Dec. 14 after he said he took sleeping medication and awoke to his son, Montana Glynn, not breathing and floating in the bathtub. But when police arrived at Ralph’s apartment in Colorado Springs, Colorado, there was no water in the bathtub — it was dry. 

The young boy was found unresponsive in the living room.

“There was no water in the tub,” Terry Thrumston, a Colorado Springs detective, told PEOPLE. “The child wasn't in the tub and there was no water in the tub. The child was found in the living room. The story was not consistent with the explanation given.”

Not only was Ralph’s story inconsistent, the 4-year-old’s blood was found in various parts of the apartment, indicating that there was a struggle.

“There were injuries inconsistent with the explanation he [Ralph] gave,” Thrumston told PEOPLE.

It was later determined by a coroner that the child died from blunt force trauma and possible strangulation, proving Ralph’s story about the bathtub was a lie.

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Authorities claimed this was a cover-up attempt, as was the fact that Ralph put some of the boy’s clothes in the washer.

“If you are reporting your child is in need of assistance, why [would] your washer be going at the time?” Thrumston told PEOPLE.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Ralph's attorney, public defender Rose Roy, said her “client maintains his innocence and plans to appeal.”

Ralph met the boy’s mother, who is also enlisted in the military, in Nebraska in 2011. They had a short relationship, but it produced their son who Ralph only found out about in 2014. He decided in 2016 that he wanted to be the father figure in Montana’s life and moved in with Glenn and the boy in November.

During that month, Ralph complained about the boy in text messages to friends and social media messages. The Gazette said Ralph told a friend in one of these messages that he was "about to put hands and feet on him," speaking about his son. Glenn also recalled Ralph telling her she needed to start “punching” the boy to discipline him.

Within a month of knowing his kid, Ralph escalated to murder.

“This is a horrible case,” Thrumston told PEOPLE. “Anytime a child dies or is murdered it is a horrible thing.”

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