How Mercury Moving Into Sagittarius Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Mercury moves into Sagittarius
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Our personal truth always is the key to setting ourselves free.

During the first week of November, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Mercury is the planet of communication and will be moving into expansive Sagittarius, which, according to astrology, will inspire and push us to all to speak up and out.

Often, it seems we only hear of Mercury when it retrogrades because of the chaos that often ensues, but because this planet is responsible for our written and oral communication, it actually holds great significance for all of us.

November is a unique month for all of us because it’s at the end of the year, so whether it’s done consciously or unconsciously we are already doing inventory and making plans for how we can end this year so we can begin the next one with fireworks. 

But a big part of that is how we not only create those plans within our minds, but also how we are able to communicate them to others in our lives.

The thing with Sagittarius is that it doesn’t really care if anyone likes it or not. It doesn’t care if it breaks some or even all of the rules, and it sure doesn’t care about what it is supposed to do. Sags only care about one thing: truth and freedom at all costs.

Sometimes, this isn’t always the beautiful philosophical legacy that Sags are drawn to; rather, it's the abrupt and sometimes the painful. The thing with Mercury moving into Sagittarius is that it’s illuminating a light on issues that have been in the works for a significant amount of time. Nothing is happening instantaneously or suddenly.

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Sagittarius is always on a mission to grow, to elevate and expand their thought process, life and consciousness. There is no such thing as “good enough” for them. At this point in the year, before we enter Sag season, everyone, regardless of their zodiac sign, is looking at how far we’ve come during the past year.

What is still in play for you that was present last year at this time? What hasn’t been resolved? What is still lingering, unfinished?

These are the questions that many of us will find ourselves asking as Mercury makes this transit into Sagittarius, which really is a beautiful thing because no matter what we discover there, it will be our truth.

Sometimes it seems that there is a difference between the actual truth and our own personal truth. To say something is just the truth is like comparing it to a fact, yet our own personal truth is ours because that is simply how we feel or think.

We don’t need to prove our truth to anyone nor do we have to back it up or offer evidence as to why we feel that way. Our truth is just ours for that reason; it’s no one else’s.

This is really what this transit is going to be teaching us because how can we really move forward if we can’t recognize our truth from everyone else’s? Sometimes there are phases in our lives where we are meant to blend in so we avoid chaos or disturbances, yet there are others where those very choices we made yesterday now feel as if they are choking us with the very thing we thought we wanted.

Sometimes the biggest mistakes we make are when we take on someone else’s truth as our own. We do this most often because we don’t give ourselves the time to learn our own, or we have others impose theirs so fiercely upon us that we feel there isn’t another choice.

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But that is where Sagittarius comes in. Think of this sign as the warrior of independence and truth; the trailblazer that finds a way when they were told there was none. The problem is that sometimes, when Mercury moves into Sagittarius, tact and pleasantries go out the proverbial window. Truth becomes the ultimate goal and that means there are bound to be those that don’t want to hear it.

The only negative aspect of this transit is that Sagittarius doesn’t really care anymore. It’s not that this planetary aspect is about hurting other people, but rather, stopping the hurting of ourselves. We can’t live in our truth and make everyone happy no matter how much we wish that we could, and while Sag doesn’t meant to hurt feelings, it also can’t deny the truth any longer.

For many of us, we could see the greatest aspect of this play out in our personal relationships including family and romantic partnerships. If we have felt pressure to live according to the truth of others, this may finally cause us to reach a boiling point where there is nothing to do but simply start living ours.

During this transit, relationships that are unbalanced or set upon a weak foundation may find themselves ending as one or both people decide that their truth is taking them in a new direction. This may also spell discussions or arguments with family members who expect us to sometimes act a certain way only to become disappointed when they discover we actually are our own people.

Shocking isn’t it? Just because many of us have learned these lessons already, it doesn’t mean that we don’t still need to actually implement what that means for each of us in our daily lives. This isn’t about not giving a f*ck; it's about stepping up and taking the helm of our own lives.

No one else is the leading star of our lives but us; sometimes, we just need to be reminded of it.

There are always the biggest shocks when the truth first comes out, or when we step into different roles or directions. But the one thing that is guaranteed is that life keeps moving and eventually, what seems unimaginable will become the norm.

It’s just about knowing what our truth is so we can create our own version of normal, even if it looks crazy to the rest of the world. 

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