The 13 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix In October 2017

The 13 Best Halloween Movies To Watch On Netflix In 2017

Get your spooky freak on!

It's the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime, of the year! And no, I do not mean Christmas. I mean, Christmas is dope and everything, plus it comes with presents and so much eggnog and lots of good stuff. But the truly most wonderful time of the year? That's Halloween!

Quite plainly, there is no other time of year when it is as socially acceptable to hunker down on your couch or in your bed in front of Netflix and watch as many scary movies as your fear-mongering little heart can stand.

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Sure, in my opinion, there's never a bad time to sit down and watch a scary movie, but during the Halloween season, this practice is practically enforceable by law!

Since things are constantly changing on Netflix, it can be hard to figure out what to watch each year, but don't worry, your friendly most-likely-not local horror junkie Becca is here to guide you on your journey through terror.

Here are the 13 best movies to watch on Netflix as you get in the spooky spirit of Halloween 2017!

1. The Village (2004)

I adore The Village, and I don't care what the M. Night Shyamalan haters of the world have to say about it. The story is set in a rustic hamlet. Inside the confines of their cozy village, all the residents enjoy a safe, happy, and simple life. But if you're Lucius Hunt (played by Joaquin Phoenix), even with the beautiful Ivy Walker (Bryce Dallas Howard) by your side, you long for more...

Of course, when one searches for more in a scary movie, you never know when you might suddenly uncover in the dark and sinister forest surrounding your the village. Is it paradise or are they trapped by a monster?

You'll like this if: You loved The Sixth Sense or Witch.

Screams Per Minute: -.05

2. The Babadook (2014)

Oh, what's that you say? A movie about a struggling single mother who never got over the death of her husband and whose son is acting out, leaving her self-deprived and exhausted and then also there is a monster that starts hunting her, leading her to believe that she is on the brink of madness? SIGN. US. UP! Haunting in every possible way, The Babadook will send shivers straight down to your butt. Also, I love a smart horror flick and using a monster to embody the demons of grief, depression and repressed sexuality is baller.

You'll like this if: You still enjoy watching Nicole Kidman in The Others from time to time.

Screams Per Minute: 3

3. It Follows (2014)

The premise of It Follows is simple to describe: after a one-night stand, a woman learns that her partner has transferred a curse onto her. She will be followed by a monster no one else can see in the guise of an ordinary looking person... at least, until she passes it on to someone else. If it catches her before she does, she will die. STDs may suck, but they have never been quite this scary. The soundtrack is riotously awesome too.

You'll like this if: Meta-horror movies like Last Girl make your heart go pitter-pat.

Screams Per Minute: A suppressed 1.5

4. We Are Still Here (2015)

I was ambivalent about this one when I started it, essentially because I wasn't wild about the dialogue. Ten minutes in and the dialogue? Yeah, that stops mattering. A middle-aged husband and wife move into a new house (never a good idea in these flicks) after the death of their 20-something son. The wife begins to think she suspects the presence of their son's ghost. Without spoiling too much... yo, it is so NOT the ghost of their son.

You'll like this if: You can't get enough of The Wicker Man (Lee or Cage version, live your life.)

Screams Per Minute: 5.5

5. Hush (2016)

Someone once taught that while watching a scary movie if I find myself get too overwhelmed, I should block my ears, because removing the sound usually takes a lot of tension out of the feature. Unless, of course, that movie is Hush, which is about a deaf woman living alone in a cabin in the woods and forced to do battle with a sociopathic intruder who has targeted her as the next victim in his dark and sadistic games.

You'll like this if: You're a fan of You're Next.

Screams Per Minute: 4.3

6. Hellraiser (1987)

Fun fact: there are actually nine Hellraiser movies. That's right, 9. Ask me how many of them I've seen. Actually, wait. Don't. Because that would be embarrassing.

The original Hellraiser is based on the novel by British horror author Clive Barker who also directs this flick. People seeking out hedonistic excesses throughout time solve a small puzzle box (the lamentation configuration — *pushes glasses up nose*) with the promise of pleasures like they have never known. Instead of orgasms, they get an army of S&M inspired creatures called Cenobites, led by the infamous Pinhead, eager to take possession of the soul of whoever just opened the box.

You'll like this if:  You love mixing sex with gore and you dug Lars Von Trier's Nymphomania.

Screams Per Minute: 1

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7. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (2016)

Not all horror movies have to be fast, loud, and chock full of bad jokes and gore. In fact, some of the best are so good because they are so quiet. In this movie, a woman is paid to be the live-in nurse for a dying famous author. The author's first book was inspired by a ghost who lived in the house, and that ghost is still very much there. I literally got chills writing down those words.

You'll like this if: Hilariously, if you liked A Room With A View, this has the same sort of quiet excellent tone. It's more art film than horror film, but it's definitely scary.

Screams Per Minute: Just 1 scream in the whole movie but man oh man when it comes...

8. Saw (2004)

Ah, Saw, the movie that started it all. The Saw franchise centers around an insane serial killer who goes by Jigsaw. His game of choice is pairing his potential victims together and forcing them to solve puzzles or die. Usually, these puzzles involve things like cutting off your own arm or offering up your fellow kidnappee. Jigsaw doesn't make it easy, and the game is part of the movie's charm. It's like the ultimate game of would you rather.

You'll like this if: You dug Hostel.

Screams Per Minute: 7

9. Gerald's Game (2017)

Gerald's Game one is a tough movie to sit through but it is so utterly worth it. A couple is on the brink of divorce and goes on a sexy getaway to "put the spark" back in their marriage. Her husband handcuffs her to the bed, she isn't into it, they bicker and he dies... leaving her trapped. In order to figure out her way of the situation, she is forced to confront her past sexual traumas. The monster in this one? It's sexual assault, and frankly, I think everyone should see it.

You'll like this if: You're a Stephen King fan. This is an adaptation of his book by the same name. 

Screams Per Minute: A sustained 5

10. The Disappointments Room (2016)

The Disappointments Room features two well-trod horror tropes: moving into a new and mysterious house and a mother recovering from the death of her own child. In said new creepy house, said grieving mother discovers a hidden room where a family's deformed child was forced to live in shame (a disappointments room — a real thing!). There is an evil presence in the house she must conquer it or lose her remaining child... AND/OR HER SOUL/MIND!

You'll like this if: You liked Flightplan.

Screams Per Minute: 4.

11. Raw (2017)

This. Movie. Is. The. Business. This vegetarian is hazed by her new sorority into eating raw meat in order to gain acceptance. It's a slippery slope and in eating this raw meat she develops an undying hunger for meat... of all kinds. This is a tongue-in-cheek flick which does not make it any less scary. Vegans, beware!

You'll like this if: You watch Scream Queens every week.

Screams Per Minute: 1.8

12. Teeth (2007)

Ah, vagina dentata, that fascinating, anti-rape folk tale about vaginas that grow teeth. Here, the leading lady just wants to live a normal life, but anytime she gets close to a man — or any time a man tries to get close to her — her vagina makes sure it doesn't last for long. And by "it" I mean the bleeding stumps that once were pushy penises.

You'll like this if: You think men should just generally be canceled.

Screams Per Minute: 2

13. The Babysitter (2017)

Our last flick on the list is a Netflix original movie directed by McG (God help me). The Babysitter is a smart, sexy, and very funny movie that even non-horror fans will enjoy. A young boy is the last kid in his neighborhood to have a babysitter. He doesn't mind because she's ridiculously hot and ridiculously cool. She's also ridiculously in league with the actual devil. If you've ever been a pervy little kid or a teenager who didn't fit in, you'll love this one.

You'll like this if: You liked Transformers and/or Heathers. That's a ridiculous Venn diagram of an audience, but go with me on it.

Scream Per Minute: 0

And just in case you needed some additional motivation to press play, check this out to see just how good watching scary movies can be for your health!

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