Horrific New Details About The Sexual Abuse A 14-Year-Old Girl Suffered While Locked In A Wooden Cage By Prominent Dentist And His Wife

Photo: Dubois County Free Press
Alan Friz

The couple said they kept the girl in the cage because they feared for their safety.

When police officers of the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department visited the home of Alan Friz to deal with a report of an unruly child, the unruly child had much more to say. 

According to the Dubois County Free Press, the 14-year-old girl, she claimed that her grandpa, a 57-year-old prominent dentist in Indiana, and his wife, 36-year-old Aimee Friz, forced her to sleep in a cage every night.

The teen also alleged that Alan Friz touched her breasts on several occasions this past year. 

The girl said Friz is her grandfather, and they got into a scuffle and ended up on the floor after he took away a basketball she was dribbling inside the house while other children were doing homework. They care for 10 children in total. 

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The accusations led police to get a search warrant, and they found a wooden cage measuring 4 feet by 8 feet inside a bedroom closet. 

Police said the cage was labeled with the girl’s name and fastened with a padlock. Inside was a mattress and bedpan for her to use the bathroom. The girl also told officers that she was deprived of food and water. 

Alan Friz was arrested on sight and admitted to locking the teenager up because she threatened to kill Aimee Friz and her unborn child. 

When the division of family and child services came to their home to remove the other children, they learned that Aimee Friz had left with the children. She was later found and arrested. 

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Investigators determined that the teen had been sleeping in the cage since September. 

As far as the allegations of fondling, the teen told police that her grandfather came into the bathroom once when she was showering when she was 13 and entered her room on a separate occasion, turned off the lights and touched her breasts until other children came in and turned the lights on. 

She claims the fondling continued when she was inside the cage. 

Alan Friz’s charges include four level 5 felony counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, 11 level 5 felony counts of neglect of a dependent, and 11 level 6 felony counts of criminal confinement. 

Aimee Friz is charged with the 11 level 5 felony counts of neglect of a dependent and 11 felony counts of criminal confinement. She plead not guilty. 

At his initial hearing, Alan Friz appeared unresponsive, and the proceedings were halted so police officers could check his status. He woke up a few moments later and said he did not want to go to a hospital. 

He was medically cleared by EMTs and his arraignment hearing was rescheduled. 

They've been ordered not to contact the teen. 

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