Meet The Couple Who Has 18-Hour Orgasms — And How They Do It

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Hint: There's a big difference between climaxing and orgasming.

It was Sting who first introduced the concept of tantric sex to the world at large over twenty years ago and became synonymous with never-ending sex. The way Sting made tantric sex sound, it was a religious experience consisting of a mythical stamina and continuous climaxing. Jokes were made about Sting's super-staying power, and the length of his love-making sessions with wife, Trudy, became longer and longer.  

Now, it's Scott and Melanie McClure's turn to share the message of tantric sex and how they have 18-hour orgasms.  

However, don't be misled by the word orgasms. When practitioners of tantric sex speak of orgasms, they mean being in an orgasmic state, not necessarily climax and ejaculation. 

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"Orgasm is different than the traditional release that comes from climax," Scott told the hosts of the British TV show, This Morning. "And so, when you're able to separate these things instead of having the traditional trajectory where you kind of get excited and then climax and then go to sleep, you're able to have an experience where you keep going and have multiple experiences."

Tantric sex or Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice thought to expand the consciousness and join together the polarities of masculine and feminine energy into a whole.

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It speaks of having a full body experience without the release of climax. Tantra is the practice of using sexual energy to reach higher states of consciousness.

"The longer we make love, the more energized we get," gushed Melanie. They don't have to be having sex to be in this orgasmic state; they can be hugging, breathing in unison, or even in separate rooms.

On their website EcstaticHearts.com, Melanie recounts how before she met her husband (who was already practicing Tantra), she had never had an orgasm. But after having sex with Scott, it was a different story: "I soon became multi-orgasmic and could orgasm again and again, for as long as I wanted."

Tantra isn't just about being in an orgasmic state for hours at a time.

Melanie explains, "It improves one's health and stamina in all areas of life. It enables one to let go of stress, shed guilt and shame, get in touch with their powerful higher self, and own one's sexiness."

Scott and Melanie have made it their life's mission to teach people about the benefits of Tantra, saying that they're committed to helping people have truly outstanding love lives... and 18-hour orgasms in the process.

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