Couple Who Survived Las Vegas Shooting Dropped To Their Knees To Pray When Shots Rang Out — Now They Need Help Finding Man Who Rescued Them

Photo: Crime Online
Beri Adams

Beri and Jason Adams want to thank the man they know as Eric.

As families and loved ones of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting are still healing, more stories about heroism and love from the survivors are coming to light. 

Beri Adams and Jason Adams were singing along to the fourth song during Jason Aldean's set like the 22,000 other concertgoers Oct. 1, when Beri heard a sound that she at first thought was fireworks. 

“It did sound a little bit fireworks," she told Nancy Grace on her "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace" podcast, "but I think I quickly knew it was not fireworks because it was in perfect succession.”

Beri said she didn't realize something serious was happening until Aldean ran off stage. 

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The couple dropped to their knees to pray, and then Jason laid on top of Beri to protect her. She sent a text message to her two boys, ages 14 and 16. 

Crime Online

For the brief moment, the gunshots stop, and the couple started running through the crowd of chaotic people, screaming, crying and darting in all directions. 

"It sounded like the closest thing I could imagine to being in a war," Beri said. "It was very disorienting. It was dark and the gunshots were reverberating, so you couldn’t tell where they were coming from."

"You could have been running towards the shooter. You don’t really know if you’re running toward or away.” 

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Jason described seeing people breaking the glass of nearby windows to get to safety and seeing others jumping into the beds of trucks to duck for cover. While they were running, they noticed a woman with her foot stuck in a fence, they stopped to help her before continuing on their way. 

It was then that they spotted a man in a car. 

Crime Online

They asked if he could drive them to their hotel, and he said yes. Jason offered him $40 for the ride, but the young man, who only told them his name was Eric, refused to accept any money.

“He would not take our money and before he left he said, ‘You know, I live in that area and I’m going to go back and see if I can get some more people out of there,'" Beri said. 

The couple said they want to thank the young man who saved them and are looking for any information as to who he is. Anyone who knows Eric, who drives a black Kia Soul, should email tips@crimeonline.com

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