How Past-Life Regression Can Help You Live Today

Knowing who you were helps you define who you are.

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If you've never done past-life regression, then you may not be aware of the many past lives you've led. We all have had many past lives.

You have been both male and female, many ethnicities; gay, straight, etc. You choose what you are in each life by what will help you most with what you need in that life.

Where you start out depends on where you left off in your last life, which is what you always resonate with when you start your next life. 


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Past lives inform your current situation.

No matter what, you always start off energetically where you left off last time. 

So for instance, if you are born into an abusive situation in this life, it's because in the last life you were choosing to abuse yourself in some form.

Nothing ever just happens to you; you attract it because of your choices. The good news is you can always change your choices to attract better things!

You cannot remember your past lives while on Earth.

Recalling all your past lives would be way too much for you to remember all at once and would distract you from the life you're in now.


You've lived hundreds of lives and have been through many things, so remembering all that at once would be confusing and would distract you from what you're supposed to learn.

It's hard enough keeping track of this life — imagine having information for hundreds of lives all at once? That would be very daunting!

Sometimes during this life, you will get a flash of a past life.

This only happens if it's important and will help you in the current life you are in.

For instance, in this life you may have a strong fear of choking. You may find out you were choked to death in a previous life. This can help you to let go of that fear and realize that it is left over from a past life. And now that it's over, you can let that go.


The life you are in now is what matters most and what you need to concentrate on.

So, you don't want to be distracted by meaningless things from your past lives. But getting information on patterns you are still in from past lives can be so helpful in this life. Knowing why and when they started can sometimes be enough in itself to finally stop the pattern.

Once you cross over, you'll remember all of your lives and everyone in them again. It will be like no time has passed.

You usually incarnate with the same souls over and over, but in different forms. So for instance, in one life a soul may be your mother, but in the next life, that same soul could be your son.

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Your past lives are over, so while you're on Earth, there's no need to remember them for the most part other than what can help you in this present life.

Sometimes you may have some fears stuck from them that stay with you and hold you back, so moving forward with that can be so freeing!

All of your past lives have molded you to who you are now.

You learned from your past lives, and that's what helped to make you who you are today.

After each life, you take your knowledge and growth with you but leave the rest behind. Only your spirit and subconscious come with you each time. Your spirit is your soul. Your subconscious is everything except your body that goes with you to the other side and to Earth each time.


Sometimes when you hear about something from the past and feel very connected to it, it could mean you're picking up on something from a past life.

When I was in second grade, we were studying Egypt and hieroglyphics. I was very interested in it and wasn't interested in anything else in school at that time.

I found out later that in one of my lives I studied in a school in Egypt. So, that intense eagerness to learn everything about Egypt at the time makes sense now.


So when you have that strong connection to something, it's very possible it's from a past life. So love everything you have been through in all your lives, because that is what makes you who you are now.

Now, focus on making this life even better so you can start off in an even better place next time around. It is all on your control, so make this life great!

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