The Strange Excuse A Former School Aide Gave For Why He Molested 23 Children

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Deonte Carraway
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Deonte Carraway allegedly gave cell phones to his victims.

Deonte Carraway — the 24-year-old former school aide who confessed to sexually abusing 23 kids — told the court during his sentencing that he had the mind of a child. 

“I wish I could go back and stop myself from doing it,” he said. "kids have my heart… when I’m around kids, I feel like a child."

Carraway was indicted on 270 charges of child abuse and porn in 2016 and in 2017, pleaded guilty to recording at least a dozen boys engaging in sexual activities.

He worked at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School in Maryland. 

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According to police, he pressed children from ages 9 to 13 to send him inappropriate photos on social media or through the messenger app KIK. 

Carraway used that position and his role as director of a local youth choir group to abuse children. Police learned of his crimes when the uncle of one of his students found explicit messages. 

Terrifyingly enough, the defendant told the students he would give them cell phones if they joined a club of his and sent him photos of themselves.

Carraway would threaten to call their parents or the police if they didn't send any pictures. 

His lawyer claimed that Carraway himself was a victim of abuse and said that his IQ was 60. 

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He agreed to a sentence of at least 60 years as a part of the plea deal, but was sentenced Jan. 28 to 100 years. 

At Carraway's sentencing, Judge Beverly Woodard tried to comfort the victims' parents. 

“You did your best trying to protect your children,” she said. “I think us as a community, as a county, failed you.”

According to The Washington Post, one 10-year-old boy was so upset over the abuse that he had to hide under a conference room table to recount to abusers what he experienced. 

Carraway would often offer to babysit children, walk them to and from school and help them with their homework. 

“Never did I imagine that it would be possible that a predator would be roaming the halls,” Woodard said. “As parents, I know that you have a heavy heart. But I urge you to remain strong.”

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