Awful New Details About Members Of The Religious Paramilitary Sect In New Mexico That Abused Children And Repeatedly Raped A Young Girl They Smuggled From Uganda

Photo: NBC
Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps

Members were arrested trying to feel with two vans full of children.

Four more members the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps, a paramilitary religious sect in New Mexico, were arrested during a child abuse investigation. 

Amos River, Victoria River, Ruth River and Timothy River were taken into custody after deputies stopped two vans full of children from leaving the compound. Sect leaders had originally told police they didn't have transportation to take the children to the FBI for an interview. 

About $1,000 in cash, luggage, and road maps were found in the vans. Police believe they were trying to hide the kids. 

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The 11 children, between the ages of 4 and 17, were turned over to police. The sect's attorney said the children in the van were coming to meet with police. 

These latest arrests come four days after police raided their compound and arrested co-leader Deborah Green on charges of failure to report the birth, child abuse and sexual penetration of a minor.

Investigators say she sexually assaulted a young girl who was smuggled in from Uganda as a baby. The girl told police she was treated like a slave and regularly whipped. 

She also said that Green's son-in-law, Peter, raped her until she was 9. 

Peter Green faces 100 counts of sexual penetration of a child after being accused of raping the girl at least four times a week. 

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The sect, which was founded in Sacramento, describes itself as "revolutionary for Jesus," and gives free spiritual "ammo packs" to any who submits a written request. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a hate group. Organizers describe them as a cult. 

Here's Green preaching in 2012. 

The group was founded in 1981 by Green and her husband James. The criminal complaint says she's known to her followers as an "Oracle of God."

Former member Maura Schmierer said she left the group after being with them for five years because they wanted them to beat the children. 

"They wanted me to whip my young child, who was under 2 years old with a belt because he didn’t use the toilet," she said in an interview KCRA. "They had no toys, they couldn’t play, they didn’t have normal lives as children. It was very disciplined, very regimented."

She said she didn't witness any sexual abuse, but plenty physical and emotional. 

Police started investigating that group last year when two members who told police they had escaped said Green and member Stacey Miller had let Miller's 12-year-old son die of the flu in 2014. 


When asked why she didn't get him help, she said she "wanted to trust God."

Green controlled the sect's money and didn't want to pay for hospital visits. She said the sick "must repent to be healed." 

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