Tragic Details About The Calls, Texts And Tweets Indiana Teen Zachary Hollywood Made Before Committing Suicide

Photo: New York Post
Zachary Hollywood

He was only 19.

Zachary Hollywood was a 19-year-old student and basketball player at Ball State University in Indiana. He stood tall at 6-feet and was expected to be a significant player on his team for the upcoming season. 

The young man and student with a lot of promise in his future was found dead in his off-campus apartment Aug. 22. Police ruled the death a suicide. 

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His last words on social media and interaction with his friends are now recognized as cries for help. Before he died he sent out two tweets. 

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Zach Hollywood. Zach was a terrific young man with an incredibly bright future in front of him. His loss is a true tragedy for all those who knew and loved him,” said his coach, James Whitford. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected, especially Zach’s family. This is an incredibly hard moment for everyone.”

Despite all the positivity Hollywood was surrounded with in college, he was still in the midst of overcoming a tragedy. His mother, Susan Hollywood, died in August 2016. 

While her obituary doesn't say how she died, it did describe her as "her son's biggest sports fan."

His college profiled him earlier this year about how he's dealt with her death. 

"Everyone has their problems and battles they might not tell anyone,” he said in the video. “When I feel pain, I just think about all the pain my mom felt and how much she still fought to try to make it through it. There’s no pain that I can feel that I can’t push myself through.”

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Before he took his own life, Hollywood left his close friend's voicemails and texts. Many of them took to social media to respond to him.


Trey Moses, who's pictured above with Hollywood, tweeted: "I just listened to the voicemails you left me bro ... I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH , I promise you I'm gonna make it for us bro." 

"I'm sorry I was asleep and couldn't answer man, I feel I coulda stopped it... I love you bro, we're gonna make it." 

And probably the most heartbreaking tweet of all:

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