Here's What Guys REALLY Think About The Most Popular Sex Positions

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the worst sex position

Definitely surprising!

When it comes to sex, every single sex position under the sun is someone's favorite.

By the same token, every single sex position under the sun is someone's idea of the worst sex position of all time, too.

They would kill it with fire if they could, but since it is a sex position and thus, not a sentient being, that is difficult to do. 

When you're a woman having sex with a man and you guys have been having sex for a while (and you hope that you'll keep having sex), you can decide that you want to "spice things up" by trying a new fancy sex position or by doing something kinky like sticking your thumb up his butthole. 

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Porn has a lot of women thinking that the crazier the sex position, the more eager a guy is to try it out with wild glee and abandon, but the truth is that some guys would rather stick with what they know than try anything that seems remotely crazy or different. 

I asked a group of anonymous men to tell what they think is the worst sex position and I definitely learned something in the process! 

So, here are what men think about popular sex positions, and why they actually hate them:

  • "Reverse cowgirl. My junk just doesn't bend down far enough to feel safe in this position. Like she'll snap it."
  • "Not that I dislike it, but doggy style always seems so much hotter when I'm imagining it. In reality, for me it winds up being more about the novelty of a completely different view and the optimal hip-grabbing positioning, and ultimately just not quite as amazing as a lot of other positions."
  • "Girl on top, because I often don't feel enough to stay hard."
  • "Doggy. I like face to face interaction, and it feels detached from the moment. I'm also not an ass man, so I get nothing out of it."
  • "Doggy style. IDK, I just don't like it. I feel like you have to have perfectly matching leg lengths for it. Second, I can't orgasm unless I'm in certain positions (do any other guys have that issue? Is it normal?), and doggy style is not one of those positions."
  • "Reverse cowgirl seems fun on paper and in porn, but either my dick doesn't bend the right way for it or I've yet to find a girl who could figure out how to properly ride me."
  • "Spooning is another position which seems very hit or miss between my different sexual partners as to whether we could have sex like that, and not just based upon our relative heights, either."

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  • "I’m all about eating my girl out, but face sitting is traumatizing."
  • "If you really stop and think about it, you'll be perfectly happy going the rest of your life without ever 69-ing anyone ever again."
  • "Any position you can't have eye contact with your partner. I find that eye contact is important, I want to see how she enjoys the sex."
  • "Standard missionary; I'll do it every which other way."
  • "Me on top. Just tired of always doing all the work. Must be nice to just lay there while someone gets you all worked up then goes to town until you get yours. "
  • "Standing up. Who are these monstrous supermen strong enough to take all their women while standing?"