If You Want A Real, LASTING Relationship, This Is The Person You Should Wait For

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the person you should wait for true love

Don't ever settle for less.

If you’re to the point in your life that you want to find “your person” or that forever kind of love you are going to have to learn to be patient, you are going to have to wait.

Wait for the one who you never expected coming into your life but the moment that they do it all makes sense. The one who pushes you to be your best, who lights a fire within you and opens you up to an entirely new world you didn’t think existed. Wait for the person who makes you look forward to Mondays, that helps you find the excitement in everyday life.

You need to wait for the person who never makes you wonder.

They never make you feel like you’re a second option or a choice. Wait for the one who makes you a priority in their life.

Be patient for the one who sees all your flaws and still wouldn’t change anything about you. A person who isn’t going to be afraid to tell you when you’re being dramatic, when you’re overreacting and when you just need brought back down to Earth but would do it in a way that wouldn’t hurt your feelings.

Find the one who goes out of their way to let you know that you’re appreciated but not just the big things. Find someone who appreciates the little things you do daily. They have to be able and willing to remind you how much you mean to them. Find the one who isn’t too busy to pay attention to you and doesn’t make you feel like you take up too much of their time.

Wait for the one that could break your heart but wouldn’t dream of it. The one who pictures a future with you and isn’t around for just a one night stand. Someone who will open up to you, to be vulnerable and tell you the secrets they wouldn’t tell anyone else. Wait for someone who wants to tell you about all of their favorite things and that someone who can’t wait to create new memories with you.

Find the person that makes your heart race with one touch that wants to show you off to the world and doesn’t care if he’s doing that with you dressed up fancily or in yoga pants and your favorite sweatshirt. Wait for the one who can look at you and you can feel a fire brewing under your skin.

Don’t settle until you find the one whose kiss could bring you to your knees. Whose hand when laced in yours makes you feel like you could accomplish the inevitable as long as they’re with you.

Be patient for the one who listens to your dreams, who doesn’t think they are silly and supports all of your choices in achieving them. Even if they don’t understand they become your biggest fan, your number one support, and your loudest cheering section. This person will never give up on you even when you feel like giving up on yourself.

Wait for the person who easily makes you laugh. Life is hard, and you need that someone who can make a terrible day something great. In fact, wait for the one who makes you laugh so hard you cry but only tears of happiness. You want to wait for the person who allows you to be exactly who you are. The person you don’t have to put a mask on but allows you to be who you are meant to be.

You should want to wait for the one that breaks all your expectations of what a relationship should be like. Everything you thought would happen or should happen will be completely different. They are going to sweep you off your feet in ways you could never imagine. This is the love that is going to make you forget about all the times your heart has been broken.

This someone is going to realize that love isn’t what you see on TV or read in a book, it’s real and it’s raw and it isn’t always easy but they’re going to stay beside you no matter what.

You have to wait for someone who is willing to rip off that band-aid and explore everything even when it’s dark, hard and emotional.

Someone who isn’t just willing to dip their toes in but dive in without hesitation, someone that breathes air into your lungs when it’s being drained from a room.

This is the person you want to love, you want to love you and you want to grow and learn with. If they can’t do these things you aren’t giving yourself the life either of you deserves and you’re not allowing yourself to form your own world with someone else.

If this person can do all of these, they’re the one you should wait for, they’re the one you want to discover love and life with.  

This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.