Guys Reveal Which Body Parts They're MOST Insecure About During Sex

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Turns out guys are kind of like women ...

During a bout of steaming hot sex, it's normal to worry about what your naked body looks like. Hell, I worry about what my naked body looks like when I like, catch a peep of it in the mirror on the way to and from the shower. 

Sex is something intimate and special (or dirty and sexy, depending on the kind of sex you are having), so it's natural to feel vulnerable. I mean, have you heard the noise a penis and balls make when they slap an ass? I don't care how toned your body is — if you don't cringe at that sound, you are a better woman than I.

As a woman, fretting over how you look naked just comes with the territory. Add staring at naked men while being naked yourself, and the insecurity is off the charts. 

If you're like me, you harbor this idea that naked men don't worry about how they look when they are in the buff getting ready to get their sex on. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

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It's part of human nature to worry about your body, to feel insecure about when you're sharing it with another person. Naked men are just as insecure about their, hot, hot bods. It just so happens that we live in a society where it tends to be more acceptable for women to voice their concerns with body image, and not men.

That stops now! I asked a group of anonymous men what body parts they are the most insecure about during sex.

Naked men! Reveal all!

  • "Penis. Absolutely my penis. I would really like my dong to be bigger."
  • "Weirdly for me, it’s my skinny as fuck arms."
  • "Face. My face is not good-looking. Pockmarked from teenage acne, a slightly receding hairline, and "unsympathetic" eyes, as a female friend referred to them."
  • "My fashion sense is god awful, not that I have anyone to blame for that other than myself."
  • "I lost about 65 lbs a long time ago, so you can see parts of my ribs, but then I have a little stomach that comes out. Then I have some man boobs. My arms have no muscle. Actually, I don't really have muscle anywhere."
  • "My body is just a bunch of awkward shapes. Being 6'3" doesn't help."
  • "My penis, I guess? That's the only part I can't really change. Second would be my face due to acne and the scarring of old acne that I stupidly picked away at."
  • "I've got these big ole eyebrows that I try to keep up on, but like a mighty Hydra, cut one down and two heads take its place."
  • "Large, numerous, obviously self-inflicted scars all over my torso. I’m just worried that people are gonna get the wrong idea. I'm not into 'knife play,' I don't cut myself as a coping mechanism... I just had one evening in my teens where I took too much LSD and things got a little... weird. Now I have to live with that shit and tell the same stupid story a hundred times."
  • "My face/head. My head is pretty large out of proportion with the rest of my body, and on top of that there's a decent amount of fat on my face. Not super wobbly or anything but enough to make my face round. I have no idea how to lose the fat on my face and even if I did I would still have a big head."

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  • "Chin, I'm always worried about looking like I have a double-chin. And I can't grow a beard nice looking enough to cover the potential double-chin."
  • "I have those weird stretch marks on my back."
  • "My mouth. My teeth don't look the best cause they're all not straight and perfect and because of this i have no idea how to smile or act in photos."
  • "Legs. They're short for my height. And I'm also short."
  • "The backside of my body in general. Aside from my ass (which is just barely bigger than average, I guess), my back and hamstrings lack thickness and definition. Need to do more dead lifts and rows."
  • "I have anterior pelvic tilt, and it makes my gut project forwards and my butt stick out. I have been doing the required exercises to correct it for years but no luck. I think it's genetic."
  • "I'm insecure about my asymmetrical shoulders."
  • "My ears, I look like the fucking BFG."

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  • "My butt. It is round and firm and the girls I've been with liked it. But they always told me they wished they had the same... which is not really a thing to say to a dude."
  • "My scalp. I know that being bald is not any sort of real hindrance, and might even be a positive in some cases, but fuck that noise. I like my hair, and I'm gonna try my god damn hardest to keep it."
  • "My brain, specifically my mind. I have this fear that I'm actually insane or crazy and I'm actually sitting in a padded cell somewhere drooling into a cup and everything I'm experiencing is just a figment of my lunacy."