Why James Comey Is The Breakout Sex Idol Women Never Even Knew We Wanted!

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Why Former FBI DirectorJames Comey Was So Damn SEXY Giving Testimony Regarding Donald Trump

Anyone else thinking People Magazine's next "Sexiest Man of the Year"?...

When I opened Former FBI Director James Comey's Statement for the Record prior to his oral testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, I expected/hoped to gain from it a better understanding of the facts related to alleged ties between now-President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

I expected/hoped James Comey might reveal whether the now infamous Steele Dossier which was leaked to Buzzfeed in January of 2017, "making explosive — but unverified — allegations that the Russian government has been 'cultivating, supporting and assisting' President-elect Donald Trump for years and gained compromising information," had been authenticated by the FBI.

And when I began watching the live stream of James Comey's testimony before Senate, I expected/hoped to learn more about all of the above.

What I was neither expecting nor hoping was to learn that 57-year-old James Brian Comey, Jr. is a stone.cold.FOX.

(Actual footage of me watching Comey's testimony ...)

I know, I know. It's 2017, and we're not supposed to be sexually objectifying anyone of any gender any longer, but these newfound super-tingly feelings I have for Mr. Comey lie far deeper than the realms of physical appearance and animal magnetism.

To be clear, I'm not one to fawn over someone I've never met, be they a celeb, politician or sports star, easily or frequently. But James? James got me right in the sweet spot (if you know what I mean ...)

Here are just five of the reasons I'm now crushing HARD on James Comey.

1. His body language.

What struck me immediately was the way Comey sat from the moments before he was sworn straight through until the moment his testimony ended.

Head and shoulders straight but not rigid. Full eye-contact that manages to be neither intimidating nor defensive. Nodding smoothly in a way that expresses confidence, collaboration, and sincerity.

Comey withstood the three-plus hours of questioning like a true and honorable champion.

Gentlemen, that's how it's done.

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2. His authenticity.

It is often said that safety is one of the driving motivations for women in relationships. I can speak for no woman other than myself, but what makes me feel safe with a man is knowing he is being his authentic, truthful self with me.

James Comey answered questions about President Trump with carefully selected and well-measured phrases such as "the nature of the person,” and spoke to key factors by which he informed his conclusions as related to "circumstances, subject matter, and the particular person."

In doing so, he was able to speak truthfully and honestly about what he authentically experienced and believed without ever coming across as bitter, blaming, or vindictive — and that is no small feat.

3. His strength of character.

In my opinion, there are few signs of strength as great as admitting that in a given moment you could have been stronger or done better.

I cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to sit in front of the Senate and live streaming cameras after being fired by the President of the United States of America. 

Comey exuded strength, grace and honor each every time he opened his mouth, as well as while he listened. And THAT is HOT.

4. His humility and acknowledgment of others.

As much as I wish it weren't so, observing a man of high social and political status repeatedly state, "I could be wrong," with not one hint of sarcasm or hubris is a rare and refreshing thing.

Several times throughout his testimony, Comey acknowledged that he could possibly be wrong and that the work of others was vital to his own work. Not all men by any stretch of the imagination would be so willing to admit to any degree of vulnerability when defending his professional behavior in front of not only the United States Senate, but the eyes of the entire world.

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5. His smile.

Just look at this man.

Yes, James Comey stands at an impressive height of 6'8" (!!), but what makes him most instantly and deeply sexy is the crinkle and twinkle of his eyes as he breaks out into a heartfelt grin when complimented, when someone joked, or when speaking about his beloved former team at the FBI.

I can only imagine the way Patricia, his wife of 30 years and mother of his six children, must have felt the wind knocked out of her when she first saw that smile the day they met as college students ...

Good for you, Patricia! *wink wink*

So while James Comey is very much taken (*all the sighs*), I can easily say that James Comey, you've got what women want.

Boys ... Pay attention!