1 In 10 Of Your Co-Workers Are Doing THIS At The Office — And It's Pretty Gross

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office sex


Oh yeah, baby. Things are going down in the snack room... and the bathroom... and in the parking garage. 

Don’t believe me? This survey of 1,000 people proves that your co-workers (maybe even you) have been doing the nasty right at work.

During the survey, it was determined that over half of men, in every generation, said that they fantasized about having office sex with a co-worker. Generation X men had the highest odds of fantasizing about co-workers, with two-thirds of them admitting that they have thought about what it would be like to hook up with a co-worker or boss.

Yikes! That means there is a pretty good chance that the creepy guy in your office has been picturing you in your panties.

Infograph: Yellow Octopus

The ladies were less likely to fantasize about a co-worker or their boss, with millennial women being the least likely; only 23 percent of them said that they have.

Aside from daydreaming, there are a few people who have actually done the deed. More than 1 in 10 people have had some kind of sexy time with a co-worker, with 4 percent having engaged in sexual activity with a non-co-worker.

For those who admitted to having office sex and getting freaky, 82 percent of women said that they had actual intercourse while only two-thirds of men could say the same because they were more likely to prefer oral sex.

Also, 72 percent of those surveyed said that they waited until after office hours to get it on. Although, 36 percent said that they were able to pull off a mid-day romp. That’s a big percentage of people who were able to pull that off in the workplace.

I wonder if they ever got walked in on or even fired? Try explaining that one to your friends and family.