The Offensive Harvard Memes That Got 10 Incoming Freshmen’s Acceptance Letters Revoked

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The offensive Harvard memes that got 10 incoming freshmen’s acceptance letters revoked


When I think of Harvard, there are two images that pop into my head:

1. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook genius.

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2. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

Call me old fashioned but if I were to get into one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools, I'd probably do everything in my power to keep myself away from any bad news bears.

However, I was lucky enough to go to school before the real rise of the internet and before the blessing and curse that are called "memes."

If you've been on Google or a news app at all in the last 48 hours, I'm sure you've seen Harvard memes trending.

So, here's what happened:

According to the Harvard newspaper The Crimson, in December of 2016, a group of incoming freshman from the Class of 2021 official Facebook group formed a chat group called, "Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens."

Within the chat, the students exchanged offensive memes that touted sexual assault, depictions of racial groups or minorities in inappropriate situations, and even mocking abuse of children.

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Another more hardcore chat was formed on the side, and those allowed in had to pass a meme test first: If you wanted into the new group, you had to post a really mean meme in the original group to prove you can handle it. 

Cassandra Luca, who belonged to the first chat group, said, “They were like, ‘Oh, you have to send a meme to the original group to prove that you could get into the new one. This was a just-because-we-got-into-Harvard-doesn’t-mean-we-can’t-have-fun kind of thing.”

When the Harvard administration caught wind of what was going on, they sent an email to the participating students that in part, read:

“The Admissions Committee was disappointed to learn that several students in a private group chat for the Class of 2021 were sending messages that contained offensive messages and graphics. As we understand you were among the members contributing such material to this chat, we are asking that you submit a statement by tomorrow at noon to explain your contributions and actions for discussion with the Admissions Committee. It is unfortunate that I have to reach out about this situation.”

Soon after, letters rescinding their acceptances were sent out.

Wyatt Hurt, another incoming freshman in the class of 2021 had this to say about the situation:

“I haven’t seen any of the stuff firsthand, but I definitely think that the administration made the right choice and I think that as an incoming student—we all have our group chats and everything like that going on—we all pretty much universally agree it was the right decision.”

My two cents: I'm happy this happened.

As sucky as it sometimes to be an adult, if you are the face of a company you work for, you need to act accordingly.

This will be a good, but hard, lesson for these kids on how to behave in the future.

That said, the current culture can sometimes be over the top.

Memes can be SO funny, light hearted, and wonderful to share with your friends and family.

But the ones that actually show, make light of, or promote criminal acts shouldn't be so easily accessible.

I 100% understand we have a first amendment right to freedom of speech and we can exercise that right by expressing ourselves through funny pictures.

But when does it stop being funny and start being a threat? Bullying? An actual criminal act?

I don't believe our founding fathers were thinking of memes when they decided that we had the power to speak our mind, but I wasn't there, so ... you know!

The Tab received a bunch of screen shots revealing some of the memes that were circulated. 

Due to the graphic nature of some, we have decided not to post.

However, here are just a few of the memes that ended the Harvard education of these students.

1. A meme that is just absolutely inappropriate.

2. A meme that has the words "nut" and "baby monitor" in it which should never, EVER, exist.

3. Is this meme saying child abuse is a turn on?

4. This meme that makes light of the freakin' HOLOCAUST!

5. A meme that perpetuates the idea that Middle Eastern children are both happy their parents are killed and engage in beastiality.

6. A meme that makes light of suicide and mocks Mexicans.

7. A meme that just ... NOPE!

They all absolutely deserved to be suspended. Terrible. Awful. Horrific.