7 Unsexy Things Men Do That Are Actually REALLY Freakin' Sexy

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sexy things guys do

It's not sexy, but it's hot.

Sometimes guys do the strangest, not-at-all-hot things that are somehow just delicious nonetheless. Call it pheromones, call it unconditional love, but it is definitely true.

This past weekend I thought I had an ear infection. My right ear was throbbing, I could barely hear, and started getting body chills. My boyfriend rushed me to the urgent care to get my ear checked out. It turned out I just needed a massive flush. The wax was so compacted that it was molten and solid against my ear drum.

Needless to say, the thick ball of congealed wax that came out was disgusting. My boyfriend held my hand the entire time. After we left, I found he even paid the co-pay for the visit. It wasn’t sexy, but it turned me on. It said, “I care about your health more than anything and that’s how much I love you.”

I know you ladies out there can probably relate. Sometimes he just does the most non-sexual things that are so hot nonetheless. Here are 7 not-so-sexy things guys do that turn us on and make us incredibly attracted to him.

1. When he forgets to put on deodorant.

He may be stinky as all hell, but he’s still sexy. Our bodies are naturally attracted to our partner’s body scent. He may be ripe, but the smell of his sweat is going to have you in a tizzy. My boyfriend even says, “Do I stink? And I mean will other people think I stink?”

I know my favorite thing in the world is snuggling up to my man after a long, sweaty gym session. I genuinely want to lick the sweat off his body. Whatever. Don’t judge me. You know you feel the same way.

2. When he lifts heavy stuff for you.

We’re strong-ass woman, but sometimes we need a man to lift things for us or reach something that we just can’t manage to get from the top shelf. It doesn’t make us less amazing or kickass.

There is something so damn hot about a man lifting some furniture or helping you move. It’s not even that testosterone infused, macho BS. It’s more about the fact that he cares enough to do it in the first place. True partnership and love means knowing your limitations and asking for help where needed.

OK, yeah. His butt also looks incredible when he’s lifting heavy boxes in those blue jeans. Can’t knock the truth.

3. When he really listens to you.

A true partner loves to hear about your day. He wants to know the office drama, he wants to know how your best friend is doing after her breakup, he asks you how you’re feeling. There is nothing hotter than a man who really listens to you.

Not pretends to listen, but really listens. And not because he has to, but because he wants to. I get horny anytime I’m telling my man a story and he’s listening and watching intently, laughing at all my jokes, and offering feedback where feedback is warranted.

4. When he takes you to the doctor when you’re sick.

There is nothing sexy about being sick. Take the ear story above, for example. It wasn’t sexy when a ball of wax the size of a marble popped out of my ear. Yet, I was pretty turned on by my boyfriend because he took such amazing care of me and made me feel safe.

When your partner is there for you, no matter how gross you are, telling you how beautiful and perfect and wonderful you are, it’s sexy. It’s a turn-on knowing that this man is going to be with you through thick and thin, no matter what happens. That is love.

5. When he doesn't shower.

Obviously, personal hygiene is important, but skipping a shower can often make men even hotter. I'm aware that other people might not be into my man when he's smelling like BO and his scalp is kind of greasy, but I love it. It enhances his smell and gives him this delicious grunge look that I'm really into. Maybe it just reminds me of high school when I had a thing for hippy-types.

When a man doesn't shower, he just reeks of his manly pheromones and we want to lick them off, even if his boss gives him some major side-eye.

6. The way he walks.

He may just be casually strolling down the street, minding his own business. Maybe he’s even wearing sweaty clothes and looks like a total slob. It doesn’t matter. There is just something in the way he moves that is sexy.

When you’re super-into your boyfriend or husband, even his stride is a massive turn-on. You begin to recognize his walk as uniquely his. Pretty soon you’re imagining he’s walking right up to your bed and climbing into it.

7. When he talks about something he really cares about, but you know nothing about.

A long, winding spiel on stocks, bonds, basketball or SEO strategies may not be a panty-dropper, but when your man does it, it’s suddenly the sexiest thing in the world. It’s not what he says, but how he talks about it.

His passion for whatever it is he loves makes you love it too. When you genuinely love and appreciate someone, you start to love things because you can see how happy those things make your partner.