You Can Now Buy WIGS For Your Eyebrows To Make Them Look Thick And Full

Photo: youtube
eyebrow wigs

These wigs are here to rescue your thin brows.

The trendy eyebrow craze has just got wilder! It seems that ladies are skipping the microblading and heading right for the eyebrow wigs.

If your current eyebrows are the result of 90s beauty trends, don’t worry. These little eyebrow wigs are here to help.

Photo: Youtube

So, what exactly are eyebrow wigs and how do you explain them? Well, stop thinking about floppy toupees and start thinking more like stickers, but made with real hair. Essentially, they are like false eyelashes but stuck over the top of your over-plucked eyebrows. What’s left of them, anyway.

Anyone can use them, just make sure to find a color that matches your hair. I mean, unless you’re rocking the lavender locks that have been trending these days. I’m pretty sure they don’t come in that color yet.

Photo: Eyebrowz

Initially, these eyebrow wigs seemed kind of creepy. Couldn’t they have come up with a better name? But they actually are quite useful. Unlike the plucking craze that left your eyebrows tarnished forever, you can jump on the fuller eyebrow beauty trend without creating any permanent damage.

Wear your little bushy brow wigs until it’s no longer fashionable and then just peel them off and move on to the next big thing. And they make a great cover up if you are trying to grow your real eyebrows out without them looking too shabby.

Photo: Buttonnailslovesmakeup

Besides trying to keep up with beauty trends, these eyebrow wigs are seriously beneficial to society. Think about all of the ladies (and guys) out there who were born with light or barely-there eyebrows. It gives them a chance to change their face for the better.

And think about people who are suffering from cancer treatments that cause them to lose their hair. Many of them invest in wigs to help them retain their confidence, and adding some eyebrow hair could really help them out too.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I don’t see why not.

Check out the video below for more information: