Botox For Erectile Dysfunction Is The Next Big Thing (Yay, Science!)

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botox for erectile dysfunction

Pay attention, guys!

Somewhere in the world, there's a man who frowns upon the use of Botox to enhance the looks of others.

However, as technology advances, they're finding more innovating and self-serving uses for Botox — especially for men and their penises, as new research has indicated that Botox treatments could be used to improve erectile dysfunction issues.


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The research into botox for erectile dysfunction is still in the early phase, however, as there has only been one human study of 12 men. So they cannot recommend the procedure just yet, but the evidence of Botox-induced erections seems promising thus far. 

The procedure has the potential to work due to its ability to stop the release of neurotransmitter norepinephrine (preventing blood flow), without interfering with the release of nitric oxide — a key component to "getting it up" — which, according to Men's Health, "relaxes your smooth muscles and allows blood to rush into your penis.

"With this knowledge, researchers have reason to believe that Botox injections can "provide an erectile boost for several months."

This procedure could work for men who suffer from both types of erectile dysfunction: physiological, which has to do with blood flow issues, and psychogenic, dealing with physiological factors. 

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This fix could also mean no more medications for men with erectile dysfunction, which is particularly good for those who may not have the luxury of doing so due to heart conditions that already require them to take medicines such as nitrates since ED drugs have been known to drop blood pressure to a dangerous level.

This is a great move, but it leaves me with some questions.

What happens when this is approved? Will it be government funded and of high priority? Will women be forced to continue fighting for their basic reproductive rights? Will this procedure remain under the label of cosmetic surgery or will it be added to health coverage plans?


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It seems like a real possibility that penises will soon be government insured, but I guess I'll have to hold off to see, aye?

One thing is certain and it's this: men everywhere are rejoicing.

Long live the penis!