10 Husbands Share The CRUELEST Thing Their Wives Said In The Heat Of A Fight

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what couples say to each other

"My ex told me I was the reason she thought about killing herself all the time."

In the heat of the moment, we’ve all said things we either didn’t mean or just didn’t mean to say out loud. And then there are the things we say just to demolish someone else.

Wrecking the psyche of the one we claim to love the most comes the easiest because we are closest to their hearts and privy to their most intimate emotions. Whether or not we actually intend to ruin another human being with our words, each of us in a romantic relationship holds the power to do so in our hands, sometimes unintentionally.

Men shared with us what couples say to each other and the angry words their wives have said during arguments that left them the most devastated. 

1. I made her want to kill herself.

"My ex told me I was the reason she thought about killing herself all the time. It was f*cked up, but it was exactly the thing I needed to hear to walk away from that whole situation."

2. She only thought about her ex during sex.

"She said, 'This is why I think about my ex when we f*ck!' when we were arguing about issues with our sex life. Being honest? I still haven’t gotten over it. It’s been like five or six years."

3. That I treated her like a sex toy.

"I don’t know if this is necessarily 'bad,' but she said that I treated her like a maid and sex toy instead of someone I actually respected and enjoyed being around and that really stung. She was right though; I had to fix some things."

4. That I was a douchebag.

“'You’re just acting like a douchebag.' Which, for her, is the lowest breed of human. It was so disdainful. And also, she never calls people names. I felt like a pile of sh*t."

5. That I didn't want to have sex because I was a flat slob.

"We were arguing about our sex life being nonexistent because I was always tired and she not-so-nicely pointed out that maybe I wouldn’t be if I got some exercise and quit being a slobby fatass. She was right, but damn."

6. That she cheated because I was boring.

"My ex told me she’d cheated because I was boring while we were arguing about me finding out she’d been cheating."

7. It's what she doesn't say. 

"She’s never said anything particularly awful, but she will roll her eyes and say, 'Get over yourself' and then blow the whole thing off, which, frankly, is so much more infuriating than any name she could call me. I’d rather her call me a prick and go off on me than be dismissive."

8. That I wasn't good at sex.

"It wasn’t even an argument! We were having sex and she laughed and said, 'What the hell are you even doing?'"

9. That I'm always doing something wrong.

"I don’t remember any one thing, but her argument methods are to say 'You ALWAYS ___,' which we’ve been over in counseling, like, a thousand times and she won’t stop. So now I’m mad when she says it because it’s a stupid, bullsh*t tactic and because we’ve discussed its uselessness at length. I’m mad that she’s too stubborn to do better."

10. That I need therapy.

"She put her face in her hands during an argument and sort of moaned while also sort of laughing, 'Oh my God, you need so much therapy.'"