Eating Your Boogers Is Good For You — And We're Snot Joking

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picking boogers healthy for you

Bon appetit!

Booger eaters proudly rejoice, you can now have your snot and eat it, too!

And, you're healthier than the rest of us non-boogie eaters. Science now says that picking your nose and eating boogers is a habit with immune-boosting health benefits.

Talk about raising your confidence when the world has misjudged you! 

What makes snot healthy is the actual act of putting it in your mouth. When eaten, salivary mucins, aka boogers, coat the outside of the tooth. This coating is what may make snot eaters healthier than those who dare not eat it.

But let's get real: if picking your nose and eating boogers is good enough for the Pope, there's got to be something natural to it, am I right?

The shock of actually watching someone dare go there doesn't escape the mind easily.

I'll never forget this one red-headed, freckled kid in my elementary class who was a shameless booger eater. He would sit back and do a quick check of the room, then slowly scratch just under his nose with assured resolution. Then, he'd stick his thumb up at the edge to pick a booger.

Then, he'd stick his hand inside his desk to give his booger a slight inspection...

...roll it up into a ball, and just when he thought no one was looking, he'd fearlessly eat it.

Didn't his mother teach him not to pick his nose, let alone eat his boogers?  I wondered. 

"Don't pick your nose," was a life lesson parents taught to children everywhere. It didn't matter what side of the street you grew up on, or what culture your family came from, the universal law of parenting was, "Thy children shall not eat their boogers."

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Naturally, when the nose-picker decided he had a crush on me, I had to decline. I mean, who takes home someone who can't follow house rules? No one, that's who. 

But I was wrong. Boogers might be just fine for consuming — apart from the possibility that all that mining could harm your nose's sensitive inner lining — we have to dig deeper to find out the truth (pun intended).

According to science, boogers are a special type of mucus that makes them healthy enough to eat. 

Apparently, boogers are respectably well-hydrated mucus made up mostly of a gel-like substance called glycoproteins.

Glycoprotein — sounds like a superhero, doesn't it?

Their job is to protect you and provide a defense against harmful hosts and stop bacteria from attaching itself to do its damage.

So, when consumed and chewed all over the mouth *shudder* this mucus mixes with your saliva and actually helps spread these glycoproteins all over your teeth and gums. The boogers are actually delivering a powerful punch directly against the bacteria that attaches itself to tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay. 

In other words, a booger eater's mouth is actually healthier than those of us who are horrified by the act! 

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Chances are if you have never tried to eat your boogers, you may not want to now, and that's totally OK. But if you're not sure you want to kiss someone you've caught digging in for their next glorious green meal, you might not want to be so hasty to turn them away. It's not stated that kissing a booger eater could provide a shared health benefit, but hey, you never know. 

That means for the snot eaters of the world, your mother was wrong, and you can tell her and anyone who tells you to stop that science said your habit is healthy!

(But it's still pretty disgusting.)