This New 'Slow Dating' App Makes You Talk To People You've NEVER Seen

Photo: Appetence/Mashable
'Slow-Dating' App Appetence Makes Users Talk Before The Can See If There's A Physical Attraction

As if dating wasn't already hard enough ...

Have you been wishing for a new dating app to try out? Are you tired of the countless fuck boys messaging you day in and day out? Are you over swiping left on Tinder just to find yourself disappointed because you don't have the same interests?

There's a new dating app that just might be exactly what you've been waiting for!

Appetence — also referred to as the "slow dating app" — is set up in such a way that users have to (*GASP*) talk to each other before they can see each other's pictures.

No, seriously.

According to an article in Mashable:

"Unlike Tinder, Bumble, and basically every other dating app out there, the app won't just show you photos of your match. You have to earn that privilege by talking to them. When you first start conversing with your match, your profile photo appears entirely covered by a pattern."

Appetence, which is free to download in the iTunes App Store, asks you to select and add to your profile a wide range of interests and tastes relating to music, movies, TV, books, etc. Then the app's "slow matchmaking" system shows you compatible profiles based on similar interests and additional search settings.

As you chat with each match you have the opportunity to "like" each message they send you. With each message you like, a piece of the pattern is removed and the profile picture is slowly revealed. Your match must like 50 of your messages in order to see your full profile photo, and you must like 50 of their messages to see who you've been chatting with and "liking" all that time.

According to the app's founder, Camilla Forsell, it's all about seduction.

When describing her inspiration for behind Appetence to Mashable she shared the following:

"Unfortunately, our society today promotes relationships with increasingly fragile ties. 'Fast Dating' has made many women and men tired of not feeling special ... The conversations have become monotonous and similar, and having a 'Match' is no longer as exciting as the first few times." 

That does sound pretty cool!

I mean, it's definitely a new approach.

Like, I assume it will probably work for some people ...

But If I'm being totally honest, I just don't see this as the promising game-changer people might hope it will be. As an avid online dater myself, I don't see how people with have the patience or fortitude to stick around for the slow unveiling in today's fast-paced world.

And, not to sound superficial or anything, but looks DO matter.

Not that either of you has to be a supermodel, but let's face it — if you don't have a mutual physical attraction from the start, then there's no romantic connection to be made, period. You simply can't fake or replace that!

Having mutual interests and hobbies is great and obviously super important when starting a relationship, but at the end of the day, if you don't want to rip each other's clothes off, what's the point in being anything other than friends?

I personally, won't be trying this one out, but if you're interested in learning more, you can visit iTunes to download Appetence and see how it works for you.

Good luck and happy dating!