How To Take Mutual Masturbation From Totally Awkward To CRAZY Hot

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These Mutual Masturbation Techniques REALLY Heat Things Up


By Anka Radakovich

One of the most popular sexual requests straight men make of women is “Could I watch you masturbate?”

You would think a guy’s number one request would be a blow job or any form of intercourse. But no, because men are such heavy masturbators, they want to masturbate to someone masturbating!

But like sex itself, there is an art to mutual masturbation

The idea can be daunting and awkward, or even nerve-wracking if you’re with someone new.  

Also, where you do it is something to think about too. Loveology University‘s Dr. Ava Cadell told Women’s Health Magazine: 

“Make sure you are in a comfortable and safe place where you can both relax, whether it’s on a bed, sofa, bathtub, or on the floor in front of a fireplace.” 

Good thinking, because the last place you want to do it is down in the basement at your parent’s house over Christmas.

As with any new sexual activity you decide to try, discuss beforehand.

This avoids awkwardness. In this case, it would include questions like, “Now are you going to just let me do my thing, or are you going to direct me?" or offer helpful information such as, “I REALLY like that” or “I really DON'T like that.”

You need to know things like this beforehand, so you don’t get turned off. Discuss beforehand if you like being directed or not and if you want to talk during the mutual masturbation sesh or not.

It’s supposed to be fun and something you both want to try!

“Spend some time breathing in slowly and deeply while looking into each other’s eyes," says Cadell. “It will help you both relax. Then, gradually undress while maintaining as much eye contact as possible; it will help you to stay focused and feel connected. This would be the perfect time to give your partner a sexy compliment.”

Take it slow and let the sexual tension build up.

Groaning is always good, as it lets the other person know you are enjoying it.

You can also add sex toys, or switch positions to give your partner some eye candy.

“Roll over so your partner can view you from a different angle, like doggie style," adds Cadell.

And when the time comes, you can watch the other person climax — which is part of the fun of “spanking the monkey,” “petting the kitty,” “sayin’ hi to the monster,” and “paddling the pink canoe” right along with your partner.

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