There's ONE Thing That's Stopping You From Finding Love (And It's An EASY Fix!)


Strong women, it's time to change your luck.

As women, we are stronger than we think. Or at least stronger than society thinks we are. 

But what good does all of our strength do for us if we can't find someone to share our lives with?

If you look at many of the successful women, the CEOs and managers of the world, you'll notice that many of them are single.

But why?


Why is it that these successful, independent, and strong women cannot seem to find love?

This is the exact question Melanie Gorman, Senior VP of YourTango Experts, asked a group of love and relationship Experts in our latest Expert video.

In the full video (which you can watch above) our big-name Experts — John GrayKatherin Scott,  and Noreen Ehrlich — all agree that there is one major reason a strong woman can't find love ... and one thing to do about it.

You need to embrace your femininity.

Before you get all worked up that this is sexist and seems to be taking us back in time, understand that there is some biology to this.

At work, you are surrounded in a testosterone-filled environment, and in an effort to keep up, your body creates testosterone (which is TOTALLY normal, so don't worry). And it's hard to just turn that off when you get home, or even in your dating life.

Men, however, get turned on when a woman has 10x the estrogen levels he does — and having higher-than-normal testosterone levels may interfere with that.  Generally, they just can't see themselves cuddling up to a woman who seems very masculine.

Yes, you can try to go after more powerful and more successful men, but let's be honest: there are only so many of them out there.

So what can you do?

Remind him you are a woman — albeit a strong one.


That doesn't mean you need to wear dresses all the time and like all things pink and glitter and unicorns, and all of that stereotypical feminine nonsense.

The easiest way to remind him is with small talk. Tell him about your day and about all of those frustrations and concerns and vulnerable emotions you felt during the day, that you had to keep bottled up at work.

There is no reason you can't be a tough cookie badass at work (or even at home). But make sure you embrace your feminine side, too.

The key here, like in everything else, is a balance.

Find the right balance and, before you know it, love will find its way to you.

If you need help finding or maintaining your identity or any other relationships problems, please visit the websites of our Experts and contact  John, Noreen, and Katherin directly. They’re here to help.