Apparently A-Spot Orgasms Are A Thing — Do YOU Know Where Yours Is?

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We've been missing out.

Raise your hands if you love having orgasms! 

I am going to assume that you all raised your hands because this is the internet and I cannot see you.

If you have a vagina, it can take years of being sexually active to figure out your preferred methods of arriving at Orgasm City, USA

For some, vaginal orgasm achieved during P-in-V sex are the business, but for others, clitoral orgasms achieved through other means are where it's at. 

Some women regularly have G-Spot orgasms, and some women, the few, the proud, the vaginally pounded, they have...

A-Spot orgasms. 

If you haven't heard of A-Spot orgasms you (and your vagina) are in for a treat. 

Let me answer the 5 big questions you've probably got about your A-Spot, how to find it, and how to make it work for you. 

1. Where is the A-spot?

The anterior fornix (otherwise known as god's greatest gift to orgasms) aka the Deep Spot (capital letters assigned by me in solemn reverence for this life-giving orgasm zone) is located on the anterior wall of your vagina. 

If you are like me, and the word "anterior" regarding your vagina makes no sense, think the wall close to your stomach than to your back, cool? Cool.

It's located right in line with your G-Spot (oh vagina, you precious thing, with all your wonderful secrets) but it's a few inches BACK from the G-Spot itself. 

So if you are a woman who has screaming orgasms when he slams into your vagina, he is probably accidentally stimulating your A-Spot! 

2. Who discovered the A-spot?

I don't know about you, but to me, the only thing better than having a crazy-hot and wild orgasm is learning about the crazy-hot and wild history of the people who were able to research, study, and identify all of the different ways in which orgasm. 

Woman have long enjoyed having this area stimulated, but because this is science about a woman's sex life, no one named the spot or studied it until Malaysian Doctor Chua Chee Ann did in 1997. 

Apparently, during this study, he stimulated the A-spot and recorded how much vaginal lubrication stroking it generated. Science, it truly is the best. 

He found that 77.5% of women "experienced copious or appreciable vaginal lubrication from this technique."

I don't know about you, but I like those odds. 

3. How do you find the A-spot? 

Ah, the fun of exploring one's own vagina! 

Here's how you get in there. I would humbly suggest (after my own explorations) that you use one finger instead of two, but make sure it's a long one (sorry pinkie) 

You're going to have to go deep, as deep as 6 inches even. Being careful not to bump your cervix (because ouch), make a sort of come-hither gesture. 

In other words, finding the A-Spot is just like finding the G-Spot only you are deeper inside your vagina. 

If using your own fingers makes you squirm, there are plenty of curved dildos that would be perfect for this task. 

4. What sex positions stimulate the A-spot? 

Doing it doggy-style is a great way for men to figure out where the A-spot is located. 

He doesn't have to have a penis that is fully 6 inches to do it, either. (Whew!) Adjusting your body into child's pose will make your vagina shorter and thus make it easier for his penis to hit that magical spot. 

He doesn't need to do another special during sex to find the spot other than concentrate on deep powerful thrusts. 

5. What does an A-spot orgasm feel like? 

Like Christmas and Easter and Halloween had a threesome and let you watch. 

Every orgasm feels good in its own right, and every orgasm can feel different.

Clitoral orgasms are very different in feeling than vaginal orgasms. 

With G-spot orgasms, many women describe a feeling of having to pee. 

The A-spot orgasm is closer to being like the G-spot orgasm, only the build is slower and the uncomfortable "gotta whiz" feeling is gone.