I Re-Created Kim Kardashian's Nude Selfie With The New 'SFW' Pornhub App

Photo: weheartit
Kim Kardashian taking an Easter selfie

I'm naked ... but not.

We've come to know Pornhub for many things, but it's their amazing variety NSFW content that we've come to love them for ... until now, of course.

Why exactly do I say this? It's because the geniuses at Pornhub have just created a hilarious way to send nudes without truly exposing all of your goodies.

Pornhub refers to the app as "SFW," as in "safe for work" sexy selfies.

Similar to Snapchat, there are filters used to cover up your most treasured body parts with everything from door knockers (positive that the pun was intended) to Trump's toupe-like hair. Some are even animated!

The good news is we can now troll guys when they ask us for pictures. Bad news? I'm not so sure these filters actually make it safe for work — I'll let you decide for yourself though. 

This TrickPics app is available for iPhone and

 Android, and it's only a matter of time before the madness spreads.

This app will create a place safe from Instagram's and Facebook's backward policies that drive them to delete the most ridiculous things at times (like women breastfeeding), but that's just one reason the app was created.

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According to Pornhub Vice President Corey Price's statement to Mashable: “Selfies have become a popular form of self-expression it today’s society. They are essentially the self-portrait of the digital age, capturing individuals in all their glory.

Ever since Kim Kardashian began doing it, I too, have wanted to post my own nude selfie in solidarity. But, logically, when you're not a model or draped over a canvas, you can't get away with this kind of stuff. (I think that's one of the many ridiculous rules of feminism).

Here's the selfie Pornhub (ironically) is talking about just in case you somehow forgot.

Yeah, not as classy of a nude as I thought it would be — it was more like the basic b*tch edition but that's OK. 
But, fair is fair and I showed you all mine, so it's time for you to show me yours. 
However, I will leave you with more nudes to pervishly look at from this hilarious app ;)