Which Zodiac Signs Hate Each Other The Most?

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Hating someone can come in many forms. A lot of times, it's because differences between you and another person are too polar opposite to handle. Everything you hate, they love to do, and all the things you're interested in, they can't stand.

The zodiac signs have strong opinions about each other, and if you know anything about your astrology neighbors, things can get ugly fast. And when zodiac cat fights start, there's no stopping them.

We all have that one zodiac sign that our sign hates, no matter what. You know those kinds of people: the ones where even their breathing drives you crazy! And while you might not start a physical fight with them (unless you're an Aries or a Scorpio, let's be honest), it always feels like something big is about to go down when you're in the same room with them.

Some zodiac sign duos are always underestimated when it comes to how brutal their hate for each other can be. But that doesn't mean they aren't just as capable as the other signs of making their hatred known. That said, they are more likely to pick a verbal fight over anything else.

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When you have a zodiac duo that has both an assertive sign and a passive sign, it can be interesting to see how they deal with each other. They usually stick to what they know best (fighting for some, taking the high road for others), but sometimes, they like to change things up so the other sign doesn't think of them as predictable.

Which zodiac signs hate each other?

1. Aries and Taurus

Aries is the “get up and go” type of girl that always keeps her life busy and interesting. Call it a personal preference, but when she isn’t doing anything, she feels like she is turning into a couch potato.

It’s not so much that she hates lazy people, but rather the boring, passive lives they lead. She would much rather be known as the spontaneous, fun-loving person.

Thankfully, Taurus is confident in herself that a few choice insults and opinions aren’t going to do much damage. However, when someone actively tries to hate her, that is when the gloves come off.

Taurus’ main issue is trying to understand why Aries always has to be on the go; Taurus feels like if she can’t slow down and spend time alone, there is probably something bigger going on.

2. Capricorn and Pisces

As a traditionalist, Capricorn questions everything that isn’t logical or sensible, and when she comes across people whose heads are always in the clouds, she refuses to deal with them.

She believes that there is no reason to waste your time with someone who doesn’t see things her way. She has no time for Pisces because she considers her an air-head who doesn’t care about doing things the right way (also known as Capricorn’s way).

Just because Pisces is a dreamy kind of person who sometimes has her head in the clouds, doesn’t mean she isn’t also intelligent. She considers herself lucky because she is able to see the world openly instead of being close-minded like Capricorn.

Their hatred for each other stems from being two completely different people who vibe on totally different planes.

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3. Aquarius and Gemini

Gemini thrives most when she is surrounded by her friends, having a good time. Unlike Aquarius, she would much rather stay out all night and into the next day instead of going home to recharge her batteries.

She might not see anything wrong with this, but Aquarius hates that she doesn’t know how to spend time alone.

Aquarius takes pride in being someone who can always keep a promise, no matter what. Gemini definitely has problems with this, but she thinks Aquarius is less than relatable (and therefore a bad friend), so she considers this even.

Aquarius knows that being flaky doesn’t make you a good friend either, which keeps these two signs constantly butting heads.

4. Leo and Virgo

Leo is a drama queen who would rather everything be about her instead of only most things. Not only can she direct the attention of anything to her problems, but she does it in a way that would embarrass most people.

Virgo can’t stand this constant need to be the center of attention and will actively stay away from Leo.

Virgo’s ability to stay far away from the limelight can sometimes make her seem like a recluse, but it’s only because she can’t stand taking center stage. Not only does this make her incredibly uncomfortable, but it also makes her feel like she’s being rude.

As Leo’s favorite pastime is being in the limelight, she never makes time for Virgo. She might not actively hate her, but she will make it known that they have nothing in common.

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5. Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer is the type of girl who likes what she likes and doesn’t often try new things, especially if it’s just “for the hell of it.” She can sometimes seem clingy and insecure, but it’s usually only because she feels more comfortable this way.

Sagittarius can’t stand this side of Cancer because it’s everything she worries she’ll end up being later on in life. Instead, Sagittarius goes to great lengths to have fun with friends and never be tied down to someone.

Cancer appreciates when significant others let her be a little clingy, which is the exact opposite of Sagittarius. If she thinks there might even be a small chance that her relationship is suffocating her, she’ll split before anyone knows what happened, which is just straight-up rude to Cancer.

6. Libra and Scorpio

Libra puts a lot of effort into creating a fair, balanced life for herself, which means disengaging herself from anything that might make her look aggressive or unstable.

With all of this damage control constantly ruling her life, she is able to stay far away from people like Scorpio, who doesn’t agree with anything she believes in.

Scorpio is more like “an eye for an eye” than peace and fairness, which can be very intimidating to Libra. But even though Libra is more of a passive person when it comes to dealing with differences, she always makes sure Scorpio knows how much she disapproves.

The hate these signs have for each other is so raw because they really are polar opposites.

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