Think You Know A Sex Toy When You See One? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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sex toy quiz

You might be surprised at what you do (or don't) know!

If sex is all about imagination, then sex toy possibilities are endless. But when it comes to sex toys, just because you've seen a vibrator, or tried a dildo or butt plug, doesn't mean you know it all!

Some toys can look just like a household item when in fact, it's not.

From ben wa balls to cock rings, sex toys are specialized erotic playthings made for all kinds of pleasure and each can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

There are 45 sex toy categories throughout the world, some toys are for men, and others made just for women, but each comes in a different shape, size, and material. Some sex toys are vibrant in color. You can find sex toys made from plastic, glass and wood. Some are battery operated and some are not. 

Sex toys are popular, even though most people don't openly talk about them. But, there's a good chance you've walked passed an object that was a sex toy and you didn't even know it! Just how good is your eye for all things kinky? There's only one way to find out.

If you want to know your sex toy IQ, you can find out with this sex toy quiz.