There's A Giant Pool Float Shaped Like Kim Kardashian's Butt—Not Kidding

kim kardashian ass

Yours for less than 100 bucks.

Let’s face it. There’s one thing that Kim Kardashian is known for that doesn’t have anything to do with Kanye West, Taylor Swift, or that super well known sex tape. Well, it might have a little to do with that last one.  

Want a hint? It’s her fabulous, totally not cosmetically altered ass, of course.

And, much like everything in the Kardashian world, there comes a time when the infamous nature of anything in, on, or even attached to the bodies of their clan have to be monetized. And for now, it looks like Kim’s doing it with a little bit of brevity and maybe even some humor on her part.

There’s a new line of merchandise coming out that’s got some wonderfully funny Kim Kardashian West products for you to buy. The line includes flasks, hats, phone cases, and, most importantly, a giant Kim K ass-shaped float you can buy for your pool. Or your room. We’re not judging.


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Yep! Kim Kardashian’s new “Kimoji” merch is making the dreams of boys and girls everywhere finally come true, and honestly, it’s probably one of the best uses of her… ahem… assets. Plus, it’s under $100, so it’s not outrageous given the size of the float—which may or may not be to scale.

You can now throw yourself between Kim’s oversized, curvaceous cheeks and float around and drink beer alllll day long to your heart’s content.

What more could you possibly ask for? It’s literally a genius scheme to market her ass cheeks in a way that has (little) to do with sex. It’s practically family friendly! Well… almost.

These new Kim Kardashian products are hysterical, but it looks like they’re also really popular, too. Because while some people might assume that a giant inflatable pool butt isn’t all that popular, those people would be incredibly wrong. Preorders for these floats don’t ship until June, and the first launch is already completely sold out.

So thanks to all that junk in Kim K’s trunk getting so popular, we now know that the only thing people find more relaxing than coming home, getting a beer and chilling is if they’re doing it comfortably cradled between her inflatable thighs, rolling lazily along a pool.

Sounds nice, actually. Might have to order one of these.